Customizing Your iPhone Keyboard

With iOS 8 Apple is finally letting up just a little on their customization restrictions. Apple obviously realizes that many uses have grown accustomed to customizing their smartphones. It is one of the real advantages that both Android and even Windows Phone has over the iPhone. As  I mentioned last week, my favorite keyboard app, SwiftKey is now available on iOS, but there are even more keyboard apps available as well.


I have a couple recommendations to try if you would like try customizing your iPhone keyboard.

SwiftKey: SwiftKey is a gesture-based keyboard that allows you to swipe across the keyboard to type without lifting your finger from the display. Your preferences can be synced across devices. This is my favorite one and one of things I miss most since switching to Windows Phone.

Swype – This is another gesture-based keyboard that has been very popular on Android. You type by swiping your finger from letter to letter in order to form your words. Swype also uses predictive technology to figure out what you are typing.

Minuum – This is a “little keyboard for big fingers”. If you have big fingers and have struggled with your iPhone’s keyboard you may want to check this one.

Fleksy: This one claims to be the “fastest keyboard in the world.” I have not tried this one out myself. With an advanced prediction and autocorrect algorithm it learns your typing style over time.

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