Cyber Monday Arrives

We live in the technical age and that means with the holidays of course arrives “Black Friday” which is the day after Thanksgiving. But the shopping adventure no longer ends there. Now we have “Cyber Monday”.

“Cyber Monday” is a marketing term for the Monday after Thanksgiving and was created to help users embrace shopping online. “Cyber Monday” debuted back in 2005 when many shoppers were still a little unsure about the safety of online shopping. This concern for the most part has changed in a very big way since 2005 and online shopping is actually now the preferred way to shop for many.

Unlike “Black Friday” it can be a little challenging to prepare for Cyber Monday. This is because many stores do not mark their items down until after Black Friday wraps up. For example this year, as a write this Amazon and  Best Buy have yet to announce their Cyber Monday deals. Amazon has promised to post it’s “Cyber Monday” deals by December 1.

Amazon has a special “Cyber Monday” page which you can check out here.

Wallmart has posted there “Cyber Monday” deals and you can check them out here.

Best Buy just like Amazon is waiting until December 1 to post their “Cyber Monday” deals and you can find them here.

Happy shopping this holiday season and if you are looking for good deals online be sure to stay safe and I recommend browsing well established retailers online for the most part and remember, just like in life, “if it sounds to good to be true… it probably is”.

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