Defense says Ahmaud Arbery suspicious, didn’t call for help

Defense says Ahmaud Arbery suspicious, didn't call for help

Ahmaud Arbery seemed suspicious because he didn’t call out for help as he was being chased through a Georgia neighborhood, an attorney for one of three white men currently on trial for his murder said Wednesday.

William “Roddie” Bryan is accused of joining father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael as they chased down the 25-year-old black man in their Satilla Shores neighborhood in February last year.  

Bryan, who told police he tried to run Arbery off the road, filmed the younger McMichael shooting Arbery at close range with a shotgun in the middle of the street.

The defense have argued the three white men were lawfully trying to make a citizen’s arrest because they suspected Arbery of stealing — and that Travis fired in self-defense after Arbery tried to take his gun.

Bryan’s attorney Kevin Gough gave his opening statement on Wednesday — after opting not to deliver it at the beginning of the trial — a day after the prosecution rested its case.

The attorney argued Arbery seemed suspicious because the black jogger wasn’t calling out for help as the McMichaels chased him past Bryan’s front porch where Bryan had been working.

Kevin Gough.
Attorney Kevin Gough said that Ahmaud Arbery didn’t call out for help as Travis and Gregory McMichael chased him past William “Roddie” Bryan’s front porch.
Stephen B. Morton/Pool/Getty Images
From left: Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William "Roddie" Bryan Jr.
Kevin Gough represents William “Roddie” Bryan Jr., far right, who is accused of of joining father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael as they chased down Arbery.
Glynn County Detention Center via AP

“Mr. Arbery has the opportunity, before Mr. Bryan even understands what’s going on, to speak and say, ‘Help! Call 911!’” Gough told jurors.

“That doesn’t happen,” he added.

Gough went on to argue that Arbery was up to no good, saying: “When Mr. Arbery passes Mr. Bryan’s house, with all due respect, we know why. And I think we can all discern that from the evidence.”

Ahmaud Arbery.
Gough argued that Arbery did not call out for help as he ran past Bryan’s house.
Yolanda Richardson/FuzzyRabbit Fotos via AP

Jurors had previously been shown surveillance footage of Arbery walking around a vacant property that he was seen running from before he was killed.

The McMichaels told police they suspected Arbery was a burglar because security cameras had recorded him several times in the unfinished house, which is located on their street. 

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