Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries fundraises off Republican gridlock on McCarthy, speaker’s race

Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries fundraises off Republican gridlock on McCarthy, speaker's race

One man’s misery …

House Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries launched a fundraising effort to capitalize off of congressional Republicans’ gridlock failure to elect a new speaker.

“Republicans have now failed 6 times to elect a Speaker of the House. This hasn’t happened in over 100 years,” Jeffries, the first African-American speaker, said in an emailed fundraising pitch for his own re-election campaign.

“I’ll be blunt: Republicans are incapable of governing. And they’re putting politics over the American people. But if Democrats stick together in this historic moment, we have an opportunity to show how powerful we are.”

He continued, “I still need 321 more donations to show that Democrats are united and ready to lead our country. Please, help me reach this important goal by 11:59 PM. I’m counting on you. Keep the faith, Hakeem.”

Hakeem Jeffries
House Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries is leading a fundraising campaign to capitalize on Republicans’ infighting that has prevented the election of a new speaker.

The same or similar message from Jeffries was included in e-fundraising pitches on behalf of more than a dozen of other Democratic candidates  or groups — including California Rep. Peter Aguilar, Virginia Rep. Jennifer Wexton, the Congressional Black Caucus PAC, the National Training Democratic Committee, Progressive Turnout Project, and Defend the Vote, among others. 

Bronx Democratic Rep. Ritchie Torres also sought to exploit the GOP gridlock, which has blocked California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy from becoming speaker.

Kevin McCarthy.
California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy has failed to secure the votes necessary from fellow GOPers to become the next House Speaker.
Hakeem Jeffries.
Jeffries’ fundraising pitch amid congressional Republicans’ gridlock over electing a new speaker.

“We’re just a day into the 118th Congress and one thing is astoundingly clear: While House Democrats are united behind Brooklyn’s own Hakeem Jeffries and ready to get to work, the GOP is in complete disarray,” Torres said in a Tuesday fundraising pitch.

“Republicans failed to select a speaker on the first (second, and third…) ballot, and their dysfunction speaks volumes,” added Torres, who asked for donations of as low as $3 from 300 donors.

“If the majority party can’t even agree on a speaker on day one, we have a tumultuous two years ahead of us. Meanwhile, Democrats have proven that we’re ready to govern and deliver for everyday Americans,”  he said.

Hakeem Jeffries.
Jeffries said Republicans are “incapable of governing” in a fundraising pitch following the GOP’s failure to choose a new House speaker from their own party.

He said it’s time for Democrats to “lay down the foundation to take back the House in 2024.”

Republicans remained deadlocked Thursday, with McCarthy, while the front-runner, failing to secure the 217 votes needed to become the next Speaker of the House despite concessions to GOP rebel holdouts.

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