Diesel Generator’s Fuel Consumption


A diesel generator is utilized to generate electric energy by using a diesel engine along with an electric generator. This diesel generator is mostly used in places where people face power outages frequently or where there is no power grid connection reached.

The following table estimates the diesel generator fuel consumption per hour in liters. We have shown use at different load levels in a range of generators ranging from 10 kVA to 500 kVA.

Please note that this table is only an indication. Exact usage may vary slightly due to various factors.

Fuel Consumption Table –

Generator SizeOn 25% load On 50% load On 75% load On Full load 
8kW / 10kVA0.8 ltr/hr1.3 ltr/hr1.8 ltr/hr2.4 ltr/hr
10kW / 12kVA0.9 ltr/hr1.6 ltr/hr2.2 ltr/hr2.9 ltr/hr
12kW / 15kVA1.2 ltr/hr2 ltr/hr2.7 ltr/hr3.6 ltr/hr
16kW / 20kVA1.5 ltr/hr2.5 ltr/hr3.6 ltr/hr4.8 ltr/hr
20kW / 25kVA1.8 ltr/hr3 ltr/hr4.5 ltr/hr6 ltr/hr
24kW / 30kVA2.2 ltr/hr3.7 ltr/hr5.4 ltr/hr7.2 ltr/hr
32kW / 40kVA2.9 ltr/hr5.0 ltr/hr7.2 ltr/hr9.6 ltr/hr
40kW / 50kVA3.6 ltr/hr6.2 ltr/hr9.0 ltr/hr12 ltr/hr
60kW / 75kVA5.4 ltr/hr9.4 ltr/hr13.5 ltr/hr18 ltr/hr
80kW / 100kVA7.2 ltr/hr12.5 ltr/hr18 ltr/hr24 ltr/hr
120kW / 150kVA10.8 ltr/hr18.8 ltr/hr27 ltr/hr36 ltr/hr
160kW / 200kVA14.4 ltr/hr25.0 ltr/hr36 ltr/hr48 ltr/hr
200kW / 250kVA18.0 ltr/hr31.2 ltr/hr45 ltr/hr60 ltr/hr
280kW / 350kVA25.2 ltr/hr43.7 ltr/hr63 ltr/hr84 ltr/hr
400kW / 500kVA36.062.490.0120.0

Fuel is the backbone of your generator’s performance and will determine how effective the deal will be for you. When you opt for higher-grade fuel, a higher fuel/power output ratio is maintained which reduces diesel generator and fuel consumption.

Diesel Fuel Storage

Basically, diesel fuel should only be stored for 6 to12 months. In the best of circumstances, it may be possible to maintain it a little longer. To increase this length, the fuel must be clean, to begin with, kept cool at approximately 70 ° F, maintained properly, and treated continuously with stabilizers and biocides.

When this does not happen, hydrolysis, microbial growth, and oxidation can occur, which damages the quality of the fuel. For example, when diesel comes in contact with water, it causes fuel breakdown. This includes condensation accumulation of water droplets hitting the fuel surface from the tank roof. Microbial growth creates acids that can degrade fuel and stop the flow of liquids as the tank clogs which will soon leave you in search of a new engine.

Oxidation happens as a chemical reaction when the fuel is in contact with oxygen. This risk occurs immediately when the product leaves the refinery – the process may be slow but it does not stop. Oxidation can create high acid values, which can lead to the formation of sludge and sediment.

Things to know about Diesel Generator

Whenever you decide to get a diesel generator, you have to pay full attention to the fuel consumption by the diesel generator per hour. The getting of the generator is one time, but the cost of fuel will be your recurring expenses. A high quality Selecting fuel will ensure that the generator remains in a position to improve its longevity and lower consumption of Genset fuel in the long run.

Diesel is very unstable in nature. Diesel needs to be handled carefully when storing to protect it from any corrosion. Diesel fuel has the property of being oxidized or re-polymerized if it is not stored properly. When exposed to high humidity and high temperatures, the catalyst cracking of heavy fuels such as diesel causes diesel to rot or deteriorate.

We must maintain the diesel generator well and have a micro-suspension built into the fuel filter to prevent any dirt or rust. A clean and streamlined fuel filter reduces diesel generator fuel consumption. The formation of sludge in the fuel filter also affects the fuel consumption of the Genset.


In this blog, we explained  Fuel consumption of Diesel generator. I hope this all information useful for all. 

Do you want details how long does diesel fuel last? So you can contact our EO Energy team for any details related to generator.

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