Downgrading IE10 to IE9


Just yesterday I wrote an article reporting that Microsoft was now pushing out Internet Explorer 10 to Windows 7 computers. While there are many real improvements in IE10 some users will no doubt run into some problems running IE10. Indeed I ran into a problem with one of my office computers that had been upgraded yesterday. A program that I run at least once a week would simply not work with IE10.

Luckily there is something you can do if IE10 is causing you problems. You can downgrade to IE9 which should get you back up and running if you experiencing issues with IE10. To do this follow these simple steps.

1. Open the “Control Panel”.
2. Open “Programs and Features”.   

3. On the left panel select “View Installed Updates”This may take a moment as the programs listed refreshes to include programs and updates, which by default this application does not do.
4. Browse until you find “Internet Explorer 10”. Select Uninstall and when it has finished reboot.

Be aware that this downgrade can only be done with Windows 7. If you have Windows 8 you are stuck with IE10. Hopefully the providers of software that rely on Internet Explorer can update their programming to deal with IE10 in the near future.