Driver tries to surrender, but cops already gave up chase

Driver tries to surrender, but cops already gave up chase

A suspected car thief tried to surrender to California cops by lying on the ground with his hands above his head — only to realize that officers had already given up their slow chase, according to wild TV footage.

Chopper footage from KTLA initially showed at least two California Highway Patrol (CHP) cars following a white Kia — which was assumed to be stolen — into downtown Los Angeles Thursday.

While following the initial pursuit, the station’s reporter noted how the driver was going “really slow” and there seemed little imminent danger as other traffic was “light” at the time.

But as the station filmed it live, its reporter noted how the pursuing squad cars had “pulled off” — with the report assuming that meant they were “in surveillance mode” while still following.

After letting out a female passenger, the driver eventually pulled over in the parking lot of a Ralph’s supermarket, the station said.

KTLA footage of car chase.
KTLA noted how the driver of the suspected stolen car was going “really slow” with hardly any other traffic around.

He was then seen getting down onto the ground, lying still with his hands over his head, clearly assuming that officers would soon pounce to bust him.

However, “no one was trying to take him into custody,” the station said, without revealing what he did next.

Suspected stolen Kia.
The driver also slowed down to let out a female passenger before coming to a stop and trying to surrender to cops who were no longer following, the station noted.

The CHP confirmed that it gave up the chase after the driver started jumping red lights while heading through downtown. The LAPD had also tracked the car for a while, but pulled off, the outlet said.

There was no indication if the force was still investigating the alleged car theft.

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