Dublin Airbnb listing features tent on a concrete slab

Dublin Airbnb listing features tent on a concrete slab

It’s a far cry from a room with a view.

A Dublin Airbnb host advertised a “private room” under the stars for nearly $75 a night — but it was really just a pop-up tent on a backyard concrete slab.

The “delightful tent in Dublin” listing was available for two guests, and offered one bed and a bath, presumably in the house it was set up behind. It was listed by an Airbnb host named Paul, who has more than 1,500 reviews for other spots.

“I’m traveling Europe from Australia and just saw this,” tourist Nick Capa posted on Twitter.

“I almost cried when I saw how unreasonable actual accommodations in Dublin are [at the moment], the tent’s looking the goods,” he added.

The listing rivaled the “glamping” vans that dotted Big Apple streets last year, in which hosts wanted $97 a night.

The listing extols the tent's virtues.
The listing extols the tent’s virtues.

Property prices in the Irish capital are skyrocketing, leading some to initially believe the listing was a joke, The Sun reported.

But when a housing activist emailed the host, he responded that it was not a joke — though he also had “a comfortable couch in the living room” if she preferred.

“I have a very large living room for that and several couches,” he added, noting that they were also listed.

“Paul” has since deleted the listing. Measures enacted prior to the pandemic to reduce the number of vacation rentals and put more homes in the long-term market have failed, The Irish Times reported.

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