A good reputation and image are essential, not only for an individual but for businesses as well. In the fast-emerging Internet communication, information spread quickly and anything that clients say about your product or services may affect your business.

Since online businesses are associated with the keywords they used, clients in search of products or services may be discouraged by negative search results about a company that may appear when they search the web. For this reason, online reputation management becomes an essential tool for a business or an individual.


Since communication is important in branding strategy, one must maintain a good name in various social media, blogs, forums, and reviews. This can be done through effective online reputation management, which can help by providing positive information about you or your business on the internet.

It can also be used in social media which plays a vital role in projecting a good image and maintaining it which could generate a positive response from clients in return.


Evaluating Online Reputation

To begin with a branding strategy, you have to evaluate your online reputation first by monitoring clients’ impressions of you. The content generated by users and clients, which we know as feedback and comments, will serve as your basis in formulating your online reputation management strategy. Hence, it is important to compile and monitor the user and client feedback.

Effective online reputation management does not only address negative issues. It also means responding positively to client demands such as listening to customers and giving them what they expect from you.

This also includes providing solutions to client issues and problems which can encourage positive feedback that will contribute towards building a credible image for business. In addition to this, it will also help diffuse potential problems and issues that may ruin your online reputation.

Evaluating Online Reputation
Evaluating Online Reputation


An effective online reputation strategy involves several methods – foremost of this is optimization. This includes optimizing digital communications such as press releases (PR), marketing, HR, investor relations, and other related content as well as social media content such as text, images, audio, and video which all come up in the search engine results pages.

These methods do not necessarily prevent negative information but they put your business in a better position to address and resolve the issue.  It can also help you identify the underlying cause and symptoms of the issue and address it at its roots.

Dealing with negative issues through a reputation management policy

An effective reputation management policy should help to maintain good reputation by participating in social media and uploading positive information through blogs, video and other forum.

As a proactive approach, a good reputation management policy should be formulated, which would enable a business to deal with negative issues in the following ways:

  • Determine the merit of the issue or comment by researching the situation
  • Gather all information facts and provide the corrective measures
  • Make and offer a discussion on the issue
  • Respond through the blog or other media
  • Attend to the complaint and deal with the issue honestly

Having good online reputation management is advantageous in the formulation of a branding strategy, which can be done through search engine optimization methods. Since it involves more than just creating a good image and impression to consumers, it would require the skills and knowledge of professionals, people who are skilled in the various methods of search engine optimization.

To ensure that you are on the right track, take the services of knowledgeable online reputation management consultants to help you. Through the right branding strategy and effective reputation management, success will not be far behind in your marketing efforts.

Kathy Minelli is a public relations expert who writes about various topics such as online reputation management, branding, and image building. She has managed public relations for several celebrities and business personalities.