Everything You Need To Know about AVAYA Headsets: The Best Guide!


Avaya is formally also identified as AT & T and Lucent. It is one of the top leading telephone companies and made an outstanding job by assembling telephone headset with their standard Avaya telephones, VoIP business phones and softphones. With the availability of numerous compatible Avaya dual headset, it becomes easy to step up collaboration and productivity while they consolidate future innovation.

Avaya provides converged and innovative solutions that provide intelligent experiences to new heights to employees. It gives tremendous support to businesses in regard to making every experience seamless and connected. Therefore, Avaya headphones will increase customer satisfaction and improve business productivity.

But before buying the headsets, it is necessary to have a deeper understanding of exactly how your headset will work and how it will affect the overall business productivity? This guide will help you and provide every information about Avaya headphones. Let’s have a look:

A Comprehensive Guide to Avaya Headsets:

●     Have a Great Audio Communication System

The Avaya headset provides a vibrant sound whether you are working in an open space and busy environment. It is optimized for various multimedia devices and helps to generate more productivity in business. In addition, headphones have the potential to increase collaboration and job satisfaction, which translates into better customer service and experience. After all, the right communication devices are necessary for every work custom and place.

●     Provide a Better Customer Experience

Avaya headpiece provides a personalized, hands-on solution to every business in order to stimulate themselves on better customer experience. In addition, these headphones have the ability to build loyalty and value with ever experience. It’s lightweight phase and attractive design give consumers a smart and positive experience every time.

The in-built microphones of these headphones remain in the same position and provide direct two-way communication without compromising on quality and volume. The optimized and amplified sound of these headphones offers a qualitative sound to both the client and customers. Moreover, it can block out the surrounding noises as they are featured with noise-cancelling technology.

●     Increase Workplace Productivity

One of the main concerns in every business is improving business productivity. Investing in Avaya headphones will give you the opportunity to make this happen quickly and dramatically. It means you can use your hands at the same time as speaking on the phone, making notes or other related important work. As a result, it will reduce the workload and allow more efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

●     Availability of Amplifiers and Direct Connect Cables

In order to attach your headset to Avaya telephone, either you need an amplifier or direct connect cables. It all depends on the model you buy of your Avaya phone. Avaya engineered many Plantronics phones, which have built-in amplifier features. It excludes the use of an amplifier and enables us to use less-expensive direct connect cables with standard headphones. The advantage of using an amplifier is it handles the volume level for speaker and microphone.

●     Wireless Headset Option

Avaya also offers the service of wireless headphones. With the availability of a wide range of wireless headphones, you can choose the best one between different styles and functionality. It provides open, converged, and innovative solutions to customers. The presence of LED lights on the base indicates charging, power and other various features. The base/charger controls adaptability, speaker volume, microphone volume and works as a charger when your headset is not in use.

●     Remote Answer and Hang-up

Avaya wireless headset units give freedom of answering the phone calls in offices. By adding a Handset Lifter or EHS cable, it will give greater productivity when you answer or hang up the phone remotely. The availability of sensors will automatically recognize when your phone is ringing or beeping in your headset. By pressing the Call Control Button on your headset, you can simply answer the call. On the other hand, when your call is finished, you can press the Call Control Button again to disconnect the call.

Moreover, many Handset Lifter stimulates you by answering a call. Remotely answering your phone calls will allow you to carry on conversation away from the desk, which further will greatly increase your productivity.

Wrapping Up!

In order to increase digital experience in your contact center, then Avaya headset is a reliable choice. This ever-evolving technology brings new ways to engage the customers and provides them with uniquely innovative solutions for their problems. The Avaya headsets can discover the opportunities and strengthen the connections between you and your customers. As a result, this will boost loyalty and improve the bottom line of your brand. Embracing the importance of a customer experience strategy will generate more sales in business and build a strong connection between brand and customers.