Ex-Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham to meet with Jan. 6 panel

Ex-Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham to meet with Jan. 6 panel

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham was due to meet Wednesday evening with the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

The meeting was first reported by CNN and confirmed to The Post by Grisham on Wednesday afternoon.

According to CNN, the meeting follows a call between Grisham and committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), who encouraged her to come in and appear before the full panel.

The outlet reported that Grisham and Raskin spoke in-depth about her knowledge of what was happening at the White House on Jan. 6 last year, with a source describing Grisham as “candid.” 

Grisham resigned from her post as then-first lady Melania Trump’s chief of staff following the deadly violence. She had gone to work for then-candidate Trump in 2015, then served as White House deputy press secretary under Sean Spicer. Grisham replaced Sarah Huckabee Sanders as press secretary in July 2019 and stayed in the role until April 2020. During her time in the job, Grisham never held a press conference in the White House briefing room. 

In October of this year, Grisham told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that she had tried to resign “a couple of times” but was talked out of it by the first lady. 

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham listens as US President Donald Trump in 2019.
Raskin recommended Grisham to give her account of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot as a former staffer.
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“In fact, I had a resignation letter written out with some very specific points in it that I was ready to hand over at any moment,” Grisham said. “Jan. 6, of course, was my breaking point. And I was really proud that I was, well, the first in the administration to resign.”

The select committee, which has done most of its investigating behind closed doors, is expected to hold public hearings in the coming months and is reportedly considering airing them live during prime evening viewing hours.

The committee hopes to release an interim report of its findings this summer, with a final report is expected to be released before the 2022 midterms. 

While Grisham and other former Trump allies have cooperated with the committee’s investigation, several have launched legal battles against the panel’s subpoenas for relevant documents and testimony.  

Former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka filed the latest suit Tuesday, just weeks after the panel requested his phone records through Verizon. 

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham (left) listens to U.S. President Donald Trump in 2019.
Grisham says the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was her “breaking point,” to immediately resign from the administration.
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Gorka’s legal team alleged the committee is abusing its power to obtain the records, calling it a “partisan fishing expedition.”

They also pointed out that the conservative radio host did not end up speaking at the rally that preceded the riot and was not a member or leader of any organization that sponsored the events. 

“Although invited to speak at an event at the Supreme Court that day, his speech was cancelled, and therefore, he only observed the speeches at the Ellipse as one spectator among many and left,” the suit read. “He has committed no crime, and he has done nothing, and has no information, that could provide the basis for new laws.”

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