FAA Looks to Expand New Cell Phone Use Policy

I have written about this story several times now and one final twist is here. I never accepted that mobile devices could impact airplanes in any meaningful technical way and I was thrilled to see that the FAA finally lifted that unnecessary restriction from passengers (on takeoff and landing). On a recent trip by air it was awesome to have US Airways simply direct everyone to switch their mobile devices to “airplane” mode for takeoff and again on approach for landing. The only restrictions at this point were the use of laptops (over 5lbs) which needed to be put away.

However it seems many are pushing for the use of “cell phone” while in flight. Now here – technology issues aside I believe that this should remain restricted. Airplanes are crowded places and the aggravation this will cause to those around someone carrying on a conversation (by phone) while in flight will more then likely lead to confrontations by frustrated passengers.

Regardless of my opinion here, the Federal Communications Commission is actually proposing a new rule, permitting cellphones in the air. Unsurprisingly, many, just like me are unhappy about the prospect of sitting next to a loud yapper for hours. However, help could be at hand, in the form of the Department Of Transportation. It may prohibit voice calls, for being unfair to consumers. I will stay on top of this ongoing story and keep you, my dedicated readers up to date. What do you think? Should we be allowed to talk on the cellphone while in flight?

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