Facebook Wants to Clock In at the Office

It looks like Facebook is going to try and edge it’s way past LinkedIn and into the workplace with a new product called, “Facebook at Work”.

According to Facebook the new offering will be similar to the consumer version of Facebook, but it will allow workers to chat with each other, connect with their professional contacts, and collaborate on projects. Sounds a lot like LinkedIn.

Importantly Facebook At Work users would reportedly be able to segregate their work account from their personal Facebook account.

Apparently Facebook employees have already been using “Facebook At Work” for sometime now and the company has been working quietly to get this model public.

Personally I believe that Facebook could be up to the challenge. Facebook has such an integrated name in business for employee’s “not getting work done” and with services like LinkedIn already firmly in place I can see this going the way of Amazon’s recent attempt at a smartphone. I also suggest this because social integration inside the workplace has been a struggle at best. Even very successful collaborative tools like Microsoft’s SharePoint and Yammer often struggle to find a place in businesses.

I do not believe that there is any evidence to support that business and enterprise decision makers will eagerly and enthusiastically move forward with voluntarily embedding Facebook At Work in their environment.

With all of my opinions aside it will be interesting to see where this new venture my Facebook goes. Stay tuned.

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