Facebook’s Like Feature Grows Up

You see a friend’s Facebook post about the death of a pet, the loss of a job or an annoying encounter they had on the road. You want to acknowledge the post but you really do not want to click the Like button. Posts like these are are not “likeable” but you would like to acknowledge them. What do you do? Well Facebook is apparently about to help with this terrible problem.

Facebook reactions

In cases like the ones I mentioned above you may prefer to click on a Sad button or a Love button or a Wow button. In a few weeks, it appears you will have that option.

Facebook recently reported that they will be adding five new reactions to the popular Like button. Although they would not give a specific date for the change, they did say it would be “in the next few weeks.”

Instead, when users hold down the Like button, they will get other options such as angry, sad, wow, haha and love expressions.

The reactions will pop up as yellow animated emojis that are designed to bounce and change expressions to make their meaning clear. The posts will also apparently show the totals of the different post responses.

This is a big change for Facebook. The social network’s Like button has become one of its most popular and well-known functions on the site. People “like” posts about a friend finishing a marathon, reading a great book, sliding in the snow or finding a new job. In fact this function’s popularity is I am sure – the reason it has taken so long to update it with additional features.

With more reaction options, individual users and businesses now will have more information about what their friends and followers think about what they’re doing.

Watch for this new feature if you use Facebook during the next couple of weeks.

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