Finding Your Device with Windows 10


Windows 10 takes a new take on mobile computing in many ways and begins to truly merge smartphones, tablets and laptops. As an example of this is that Windows 10 integrates some technologies that used to be available only to our smartphones and tablets. Key among these features is Find My Device, which can help you locate your PC if its lost or stolen.

If you have a Windows 10 device give this a whirl.

Find My Device is located in Settings (WINKEY + I), Update & Security, Find My Device.

It is actually “off” by default. So if you think you may want to use Find My Device, click the Change button to enable it. When you do so, the location of your device is saved to OneDrive from time to time.

You can view the location of this and your other devices on the Microsoft Accounts web site at

Maybe someday this will help you thwart a thief or at least help you find you missing device.


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