Five people killed, one injured in avalanche at Austria ski hotspot

Five people killed, one injured in avalanche at Austria ski hotspot

An avalanche has killed five people in the Austrian state of Tyrol on Friday, state police have said.

The avalanche occurred near the Austrian-Swiss border in the Spiss municipality, Tyrol’s emergency control center confirmed on Friday afternoon.

A sixth person is reported to have suffered minor injuries.

The fifth victim, who had initially been reported missing, was later confirm to have died.

The identities and nationalities of the victims have not yet been released.

At least 31 separate avalanches had been reported as of Friday afternoon, officials said.

Four of these avalanches, including one that occurred near Solden and another in Zillertal, involved confirmed injuries.

The avalanche in Soelden buried five people, who were all rescued, according to The Guardian.

The victims had been “off-piste” when the avalanche struck, official Patrick Ortler said.

Authorities have not released the victims’ identity or nationalities.

Austrian and Swiss emergency crews have been deployed to the area, where there is said to be heavy snowfall.

The Dachstein mountain is illuminated as the sun sets in Ramsau, a region in Styria, Austria.
Five people have died following the avalanche.
AP / Lisa Leutner

More than 50 avalanches were recorded in Tyrol region within 48 hours following days of heavy snowfall.

Thirteen were recorded on Friday alone, according to Euronews.

It comes after an avalanche in central Austria in December took the lives of three skiers, including up-and-coming motorcross star Rene Hofer.

The 19-year-old was among eight skiers who were hit by a 655ft wave of snow during a tour in Twenge, Salzburg.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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