Former Waffle House worker says she was ‘blacklisted’ after viral brawl

Former Waffle House worker says she was 'blacklisted' after viral brawl

A former Waffle House employee who went viral when she swatted away a chair that was flung at her during a wild brawl says she was blacklisted by the chain after she acted in self-defense.

The woman — identified as Halie “B” — has posted a lengthy YouTube video called WHW StoryTime, where she minces no words as she recounts the incident from 2021, Fox News reported.

“I was blacklisted. I can’t ever work for Waffle House again. I tried working for another sometime earlier this year and they found out I was blacklisted,” Halie says in an expletive-filled rant between puffs of vape.

In the crazy clip, which was posted Dec. 22, Halie was seen facing off against a group of rowdy customers at the Waffle House joint in Austin, Texas.

Halie, a former Waffle House worker who says she has been blacklisted.
A former Waffle House employee identified as Halie “B” says she has been blacklisted by the chain after defending herself during a brawl in 2021.
YouTube / Halie

In her video, she says the six people sat in a section that was closed off to reduce the influx of customers during a busy night, but ignored her request to move and demanded immediate service.

“I worked at a Waffle House on and off for four years. I worked my way from being a waitress to being a ‘Rock Star,’” she says, adding that the chain doesn’t give that honor to “just anybody.”

“The six come in, they’re loud. They’re making noise. Cool. Everybody’s loud. Everybody’s drunk. It’s after last call, bars are closed so you can go home [or] you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here type thing,” she says.

Waffle House customer poised to hurl chair at employee
The employee took on the unruly patrons, even fending off a chair that was flung in her direction.
Twitter / @rbaylor_74
Waffle House worker fends off chair thrown at her
Halie gained internet fame for deftly swatting away the chair.
Twitter / @rbaylor_74

“The girl in the leopard pants starts coming up. And you know, ‘Hey, can I get a glass of water? Hey, can I get a glass of tea?’ Now granted, I get it. You’re drunk. You’re thirsty. For sure. Yeah, catch someone’s attention. We’re busy. I get it. It’s a Waffle House,” Halie says.

But the woman kept harassing Halie, who claimed the woman snarled: “I’m gonna make that white bitch cook my food down.”

“So when my manager comes over, I told him, I said, ‘Well, I’m not gonna cook your food,” Halie continues in the clip.

“Waffle House and any restaurant has the right to refuse service for any reason as long as it is not a discriminatory reason,” the former worker continues.

“I was gonna kick them out because they were being rude,” she says, adding that she is from the Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Waffle House customers attacking staff
The viral clip shows several hungry patrons attacking employees after allegedly becoming upset by slow service.
Twitter / @rbaylor_74

Halie said that when things got out of hand, she grabbed a sugar shaker and “chucked that bitch because she was still jacking her jaw.”

The feisty former flapjack flipper said Waffle Houses can be deadly.

“There are guns, there’s bullet holes in some Waffle Houses that I’ve worked at,” she says.

“That’s how night shift works, and it’s sad. It’s not safe at night, so we have to do what we can,” Halie added.

However, the next day Halie said her boss watched the security video and wrote her up for throwing the sugar shaker.

Two months later, when she decided to leave the Waffle House and tried to get a job at another location, she was told she had been “blacklisted.”

“I can’t ever work for Waffle House again. I tried working for another sometime earlier this year, and they found out I was blacklisted,” she says in the video.

Halie, who says she was blacklisted
“I was blacklisted. I can’t ever work for Waffle House again,” Halie said.
YouTube / Halie

After the fracas made waves online, Halie launched a new Twitter account called, “The Real WWendy,” or Waffle House Wendy, under the user @WitchDragon5.

Several users expressed their admiration for the former employee’s toughness.

“If I ever need personal security, I’m hiring WH Wendy, the Cajun Enforcer, the Featherweight Phenom, the Take No S— Chick,” one said in a tweet.

Even Wonder Woman herself was impressed.

Lynda Carter — the 71-year-old actress who played the sexy superhero in the 1970s — last week took to Twitter, where she wrote: “I trained at Waffle House.”

In her video, Halie said she simply took care of business that fateful night.

“They were being rude, belligerent. I finished what I started. That’s really it,” she said.

The Post has reached out to Waffle House for comment.

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