Giveaway an idea to boost your traffic

boost your traffic

Hi readers!! As we know that being a new blogger is very difficult. You have to do a lot of hard work so that your blog can get some traffic also you have to post daily otherwise your traffic will reduce up to 50% and this is a big headache for lazy bloggers like me.

So Friends, Today we will discuss about  How Giveaway an idea to boost your traffic. These days many bloggers are using this method to generate some good and huge amount of traffic for their blog.

Basically, you can say that it’s like giving your blog asteroid with no side effects. You can get some loyal readers also through this. . So what are you waiting for, let’s see some facts about Giveaways.

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1. What is Giveaway?

Basically, the giveaway is a kind of online contest in which you can get something premium absolutely for free. This kind of giveaway can be offered by any blog author or admin.

The concept of the giveaway is very simple, you just have to buy something premium like a domain, premium word press or blogger themes, premium hosting and many more things, etc.

and have to distribute it for free,  But there is a twist as we said that you have to distribute something premium but you know that “Premium Stuffs comes in a limited package” So your reader will have to subscribe to your blog and stuff will be given to the contest winners only.

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Traffic Sources For Your Brand New Blog
boost your traffic

2.How to manage a giveaway?

After reading the above paragraph, I am sure, you are thinking that you have to do a lot of work to manage this kind of giveaways. But let’s make it clear and easy cause when “Internet is here, why to take tension dear”. There are lots of sites like Punch Tab and Raffle Copter. They have some cool and advance plugins to manage such kind of offers. So you 

3. What will you get?

The biggest and most important question that, what will you get? Or Is it worth your money? Yes it is and I recommend this for you, if you are thinking to invest in the promotion of your blog, then just offer a giveaway on your blog.. If you wish then you get set the plugin for socializing also.

So that you can get email subscribers, Facebook likes and shares, Twitter followers and tweets, etc. So in simple words, it is a complete value for money.

4. What will you lose?

Are you losing anything? We don’t think so. Except in one condition.. But Still I recommend you to offer a giveaway at least once and give that traffic machine a try.

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