GOP demands answers on $700K ammo stockpile for IRS enforcement

GOP demands answers on $700K ammo stockpile for IRS enforcement

Congressional Republicans want to know just what the Internal Revenue Service intends to do with the $700,000 worth of ammunition it recently added to its 5-million-round stockpile — as Democrats voted to give the agency $80 billion for stepped-up enforcement.

“If the Department of Justice will politically target President Trump and raid his home, I can assure you that the current Administration is willing to target his supporters,” Texas Rep. Michael Cloud told Fox News.

Cloud and 30 other House conservatives, including Mo Brooks of Alabama, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Louie Gohmert of Texas and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, wrote to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig Friday to express concern that the agency’s new muscle, passed on a party-line vote as part of the Dems’ Inflation Reduction Act, “will be used to scare and threaten law-abiding Americans.”

The group asked Rettig to answer a raft of questions about the agency’s past use of force — and how it will provide firearms training to the 87,000 new agents expected to be hired with the coming influx of cash.

“I have serious concerns as to how this agency could be weaponized against law-abiding Americans who oppose the far-left ideology of this administration,” Cloud said. “The IRS has politically targeted Americans before, we can’t let it happen again.”

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