Hackers, Spammers and Scammers all love a BIG story, and there certainly is no bigger news item now then the recent take down of Public Enemy Number 1, Usama bin Laden. These hackers and other bad eggs are using this news story to intice people into downloading a file in order to watch a video. This is a HOAX and if you follow the link, download a file from one of these messages you will infect your computer, or become a spamming machine. This hoax is especially active on Facebook at this time. Be aware that the United States Government has not released any photos or video from their recent operation. Often the message, either through an email or a social networking site such as Facebook will have a link to a website it wants to redirect you to. Often stating it’s an “official source”, such as CNN. This is a ploy. Ignore it. Also be aware that even the best anti-virus software can not prevent a human being from clicking on and downloading an infected file. Here is the official FBI news release in respect to this recent hoax


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