Hitler speech blared over loudspeaker on Austrian train


Two people were arrested in Austria for allegedly playing snippets of Adolf Hitler speeches over the loudspeaker of a train, which had at least one shaken Holocaust survivor onboard.

Travelers on the train headed to Vienna heard audio of the Nazi dictator speaking along with recordings of supporters chanting “Heil Hitler!” during normal announcements Sunday.

“We heard two episodes,” David Stoegmueller, a Green Party parliament member, told the BBC. “First, there was 30 seconds of a Hitler speech, and then I heard, ‘Sieg Heil!’ “

One of the passengers exposed to the Hitler diatribe was a concentration-camp survivor, he said.

“She was crying,” Stoegmueller said.

Cops tracked down the unidentified suspects by looking at the train’s security footage, according to the Austrian Press Agency.

The suspects are believed to have opened the conductor’s cabin with a universal key that all employees own and then played the recordings.

Crew members were unable to stop the recordings, according to Stoegmueller, who said one employee was “really upset.”

pic of the train
The incident happened aboard a ÖBB Railjet 661 trip from Bregenz to Vienna on Sunday.
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pic of hitler
Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary, in 1889 before immigrating to Germany in 1913 and denouncing his Austrian citizenship 12 years later.

It is against the law to spread Nazi propaganda in Austria, which is the birthplace of the notorious despot responsible for the Holocaust and World War II.

The suspects are also accused of two other intercom hijacking incidents on trains running to Vienna last week. It was unclear if those incidents involved Nazi propaganda.

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