How Digital Parenting Help Your Kids Spend Less Time on Their Phone

How has technology impacted parenting?

Presence of technology has made life comfortable but also given more options to work from home. As a result, parents are occupied answering office emails and messages even after office hours including weekends.

Guess what, when you were busy answering the mail from your client, your kid downloaded a new social networking app. Hurray!

The corporate situation has given kids the freedom to use mobile phones and gadgets for their entertainment. More the parents stop spending time with their children; more the kids start getting busy with their devices. Who would have thought?

The situation has reached a crisis point where parents are relying on parenting applications like Best parental control software for android for disciplining kids. It is only through these apps’ parents can get back the lost attention of kids.

Impact of technology on Family time

The growing involvement of technology is impacting parent and child relationship to a large extent.

Initially, parents start indulging in the habit of checking their notifications the entire day, seeing their parents’ kids start learning the same practice and take the level of smartphone addiction to a new threshold. The result of this increasing addiction is that parents and kids are drifting apart from each other- there is barely any time called as family time.

Without a doubt, technology is also responsible for a lot of good things in the family but equally accountable for reducing family conversations. Let us see the benefits and drawbacks of technology in today’s families:

Benefits of Smartphones

1.Goes without saying – smartphones help families stay in touch. It is comparatively easier to reach each other’s since smartphones arrived. Communication has improved and become more comfortable, especially for kids, whose parents work hard on fields or in defense forces, smartphones have been a blessing.

2 When you have smartphones, you can troubleshoot in time. You can do this by reaching your family members in hours of crisis.

3.Now, planning is easier as smartphones help in coordinating together from anywhere in the world.

4.Parents have more information on school activities as schools have adopted email technology for sending progress reports and assignments.

5.When it comes to friends and families staying in different directions, video calls come in very handy.

6.The scope of watching videos and movies together has increased after the TV casting feature in smartphones.

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Drawbacks of Smartphones

1.    Smartphones are the main culprit that have reduced face-to-face conversations between family members. Everyone prefers talking or texting on the phone over family conversations.

2.    A high percentage of people have experienced misunderstandings, caused by less face-to-face discussions. Texting and calling take away the real emotions behind the conversation.

3.    Mobile phones are undeniably the root cause of interruptions. Most family conversations end because of a text or call received on mobile phones. No one likes to be interrupted during an engaging discussion.

4.    Family holidays and outings are more focused on getting the right Instagram picture at that moment. Both parents and kids remain busy collecting social media photographs than spending quality time with each other.

5.    Lately, parents and kids have both given up on outdoor physical activities. All we do is stay indoors glued to our phones and tablets.

Family Time Rules

Observing the increasing separation between family members, it has become imperative to have specific hard and fast rules to make up for the missing family time. 

Here are some tips you can follow at your home and create space for “Mommy, Daddy and Kids time”:

1.    Set time limits

Everyone in the family including parents should follow screen time restrictions. Media exposure is not needed for more than two hours a day. For any other small task like calling or searching, set aside a public device.

2.    Have a play time and family time

This may sound ridiculous to the adults but playtime and family time are as much necessary for adults as they are for kids. More the involvement of parents in kids play time better the relationship.

Setting aside family and play time will gradually become a habit for kids. Parents can also add bedtime to this category as many exciting conversations happen right before your kid falls asleep. Never compromise on the bedtime story time!

3.    Set “NO PHONE ZONES”

There are certain activities in the day which require NO GADGETS NO INTERRUPTION. No doubt, the study table is part of the “no phone zone” but dinner table, vacation spot and family movie time should be marked as the primary NO PHONE ZONE areas.

4.    Be a significant role model

Always remember, your kid will learn what they see. A parent’s habits and behavior will always reflect on the child.

If children see you fighting, they will materialize fights as the only method to get everything in life. If your kids see you reading, they will bank upon books for information and for leisure time.

5.    Talk about smelling the roses instead of capturing them in cameras

Moments are remembered better when not captured in the camera. Kids need to be educated about living in the moment rather than being the enthusiastic shutterbugs they are. Photographs will always be available to relive the memories, but the actual essence of the memory lies in cherishing it when it happens.

Enjoy the funny and lazy moments with your family while your kids click the picture in their minds.   

Parenting in the age of digital technology

The technology was introduced to solve problems, but it seems times have changed. Technology has become a more significant challenge to tackle.

Parents feel frustrated and tired with the endless “tick-tock” kids do on their phone screens. Kids end up delaying their meals, sleep and any other routine chore at home. Procrastination is also influenced by mobile phones. The better the videos, the more glued children get to screens.

There are a variety of ways to get your kids attention but when things go out of your control, snatch the remote control! And to do that, parental control apps are the best solution.

Parental control apps offer a comprehensive combination of controls that allows monitoring, blocking, tracking and locking your kids’ device. What more could one ask for?

Bit Guardian Parental Control app is a straightforward app with the right digital parenting kit. Your kid is secure not only in the virtual world but also in the real world. Change the way your family currently bonds, reduce the screen time by Bit Guardian’s help and experience a new family connection.

So, before your kids tell you to turn off the smartphone! Take the first step and save the wonderful family time you all once cherished. 


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