How to Avoid Pesticide Residue in Food


Typically in the agriculture world, we categorize all the toxic sprays which are used for crop-protection as Pesticides! However, these chemical compounds are used to avoid the weeds, fungus, insects and rodents to protect.

The crops or produce, but it has a very negative effect on the human health as these pesticides sticks to the surface of the produce or is absorbed by it and reaches the blood after consumption.

In the modern world, management of pest problem has become a common practice as pesticides are used everywhere whether in the agricultural field  or at parks, forests etc. and this toxic substance when used not only have a negative effect on the environment but is very hazardous for health and the impact of this may be short-term as well as long-term.


Perhaps, things depend on our consciousness, if we want we can protect our body from all the adverse effects, by following few right habits to avoid pesticide residue in food.

Though there are number of edible substances that we consume like wheat and rice which is used after lots of processing thus, very less pesticide residue is found on them, but the product that we consume daily i.e. the fruits and vegetables has no chance of processing and there we suppose to consume more of such toxic chemicals.

So, it is very important for the people to take steps to avoid pesticide residue in food by applying efforts before consumption of any fruits and vegetables.

Wash fruits and vegetables in running water to avoid pesticide residue

We all know that fruits and vegetables before getting ripe are attacked by the insects that usually feed on them and harm the cultivation.

How to Avoid Pesticide Residue in Food

Therefore, it becomes very necessary for the farmers to spray insecticides and pesticides on the fruits and vegetables for safe cultivation. Primarily, in this process, some of the pesticides remains as the residue on the crops which is toxic enough to cause diseases like cancer, damage to nervous and reproductive system, birth defects and several other related to the immune system.

However small residue of this pesticide is not that health hazardous, but to reduce the risk of pesticides in fruits and vegetables depends on the consumers.

According to the CSE, washing fruits and vegetables with 2% of salt water reduces the amount of pesticides residue from them. However, only a cold water wash is enough to get rid of extreme pesticides residues from food.

We all know that people wash fruits and vegetables before consuming and that too with cold water, but I would like to highlight this for those who just takes it without washing or without properly washing.

Remember that the residue of pesticides and other chemicals that are used by the farmers accumulates on the outer surface of the plant and fruits, therefore, it is very necessary to wash it properly to avoid all types of harmful chemicals which can cause long term diseases in you after consumption.

Even washing fruits in running water remove 85% of the hazardous residue and becomes suitable for consumption.peel off the outer layers of fruits and vegetables where possible

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