How to boost your blogs’ search engine rankings with your social media profiles


Understanding the SEO values from Social Media sites are crucial for your website or blogs’ search engine rankings. If you are an Internet marketer who leverages social media for SEO, you are ensuring your marketing success. But if you are not aware of the importance of your social profile to your online business brand, then this article will explain to you how you can stand out from the rest on search engine ranking with your social profile.

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There are a lot of factors for your website to get beyond your competitors and win the notorious first place in the ranking. A tool like Linkio helps with your link building activities by giving you the right percentage of anchor texts in order to get the best organic traffic of your keywords.

Promote your site content

Do you believe that content is king in Internet marketing? Well, search engines love content and you must be able to synchronize your content through various social media sites and blogs. Most Internet marketers only share or bookmark their sites’ links which is not a bad idea. But did you know that sharing the actual content is much more meaningful than just a simple link? Your social media profile alone can give you lots of organic and targeted traffic to your site, plus engaging a more SEO-friendly marketing scheme.

Make a social media profile link wheel

Do you know what link wheel is? Link wheel is an SEO method that aims to strengthen the link power of your niche site by creating various similar web 2.0 properties like blogs, hubs, and Squidoo lenses. These mini-sites contain your article which includes a backlink to your main website or blog. Also, these mini-sites are also linking to each other which derives the term “link wheel”.

You can apply similar tactics by just connecting each social media profiles you have, which are all pointing to your main website. If you apply this method, you are widening the scope of your marketing campaign which helps reduce your social media profiles’ bounce rate. Linking all your social media profiles can keep your readers connected to your business brand which can increase the chance of getting targeted visitors and getting them to convert. This strategy can also help add more value to your sites’ SEO.

Market your social media profile

If you are talking about marketing, it usually refers to how and where to promote your site. But did you know that doing the same marketing methods for your social profile can give more relevance to your website or blogs’ SEO?

How it can affect your sites’ SEO? Social media profiles are also web pages that can rank individually in Google. It can have its own page rank, which obviously can pass link juice to your own site, increasing its own search engine rankings. Plus, if you insert keyword love when marketing your social media profiles, you can assure that you are targeting the right people for your business brand. So basically, optimizing your social media profile can give additional SEO benefits for your online business. For instance, if you promote your blog on Instagram, you can share related post or video. Consider to buy Instagram views and likes to boost your brand awareness. These simple steps can give a big impact on your website or blogs’ search engine rankings. Many Internet marketers are applying social media marketing because it has endless benefits.

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