How To Increase Pace of iTunes In Windows

How To Increase Pace of iTunes In Windows
How To Increase Pace of iTunes In Windows

ITunes from Apple might have created quite a stir when launched, and on a pc, with Windows operating system it again creates a stir every time you try to run the application. The application takes a long time in doing simple tasks like switching between the sections of the iTunes Store. The pace of the application needs some kick to allow it to be practical in use. Let us see how many ways iTunes can be made fast on a Windows operating system.

Many websites offer free software that can be used to extract songs from your computer’s hard drive, but one such site is It was created by Dennis Jacobson, and it offers a series of tools that he has gathered over the years in order to make creating and editing music easier.

The program has been designed to work with any Windows operating system, though some features may be less compatible with some computers. If you would like to download the free trial version, all you need to do is visit the site’s homepage, and you will be taken to a form where you can enter your email address. You will then be sent an email with a link to download the trial version, and you can also download the software from there.

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Increase Pace Of iTunes

If no data is present in the Genius data then, this feature can be turned off. This feature is good but many a time it is found to be quite busy. The feature which is keeping busy will surely eat up the performance of iTunes. Next, if you don’t have Apple TVs installed then disable Look for Apple TVs as this is also a performance killing feature.

Apart from these features, there is an option of Disabling Crossfade Songs &Sound Enhancer under Playback tab, and also Look for remote speakers connected to Air Tunes and Look For iPhone and iPod Touch remotes options under Devices tab iosemus. The maximum of the people don’t need them but do not disable them too.

One more very easy way to increase the functioning of iTunes is by removing Clutter. A lot of columns are present on the playlist by default. You can uncheck the columns that you don’t want to see by right-clicking on top of the columns.

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The cool presentation of the Cover flow feature can be disabled as anything that has too much of video and graphics is going to hamper performance. Also, it runs slow on old systems. Using the standard way to browse will be quick and easy to scan through the albums.

Simple Ideas like deleting duplicate music files will drastically help in increasing the performance of this application, especially in case of huge album collection.

Smart Playlist is a cool feature, but it is a very big monster that eats performance. If you are fond of this feature then let it be, but if you are not of the same category then you would be delighted to disable this feature as it will give you three times improved performance.

Automatic syncing can be very annoying when a device is connected to your pc, in case of iTunes as it gets jammed for a good number of seconds. Any device if connected might not necessarily be for transferring data. To disable this feature, select the device and uncheck the “Automatic Sync” option.

Apart from this, some very simple tips can be used by applying some common sense. For example, make folders to keep the playlist organized. This gives a clear idea of what kind of playlists are there in the folder and it makes life easy Mocospace. Some annoying messages which are very repetitive can be taken care of by checking on the option that you don’t want to see it again. This saves some great deal of time by not responding to it every time.

The above are some very simple tips that can help the iTunes run comparatively fast. These focused only on manipulating with the application and music data. However, there can be other ways of installing some software to make iTunes dance to your tunes.

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