How to Setup a Blog on Word Press

How to Setup a Blog on Word Press
How to Setup a Blog on Word Press

Blogging has become very popular and in their own right, bloggers have become journalists; writing about anything under the sun and entertaining readers from all over the globe. There are different types of bloggers. There are bloggers that write about their personal lives; bloggers that write about their interests and there are bloggers that dedicate their space on the web for entertainment news, fashion, gadgets, and health issues.

The truth is that a blogger has the right to publish whatever they want their blog to be about. What is so amazing about blogging and owning a website is that you do not only get to exercise your passion for writing, you are also able to earn money from doing something that you love.

If you want to set up a blog, you should know that there are different platforms available for you to use and WordPress is one of them. If you need some assistance, here are some guidelines you can use:

Step 1

Sign up with a web hosting account so that you can secure your domain name. A domain name is more than just an address because anyone who clicks it will be directed to your page. Your domain name should be unique, short, and easy to remember and it should identify you.

Step 2

Create a WordPress account and install your web hosting details on it. Logging on with WordPress is going to be very simple and as soon as you have signed on, you can start customizing your blog, so that it looks so more like you and your brand.

Customizing a WordPress blog is simply because there are many ready-to-download blog themes that you can use on your own page. To add more life to your blog there are also plugins or widgets that can be used to add pictures, videos, and many other items.

Step 3

As soon as everything is ready, you can start creating a post. Posting is not just gathering a few pictures and typing words.  You have to remember that you are writing for an audience and you have to entertain your audience with a creatively written post that is relevant and interesting. Add some photographs and videos, so that people will be more entertained.

Step 4

Monetizing your blog is going to be important. It will be a perfect way for you to earn passive income, through writing, by signing up and registering your blog to some of the advertising sites.

WordPress is a free blogging service that is easy to personalize and make unique with various widgets and blogging tools. People use WordPress for a lot of reasons when they put up a blog, and some of the reasons include being able to customize it, having the use of a personal domain name, and a straightforward setup that makes it very easy to use.

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