Howard University students say dorms filled with rats, mold

Howard University students say dorms filled with rats, mold

Outraged Howard University undergraduate students claim they are being forced to live in deplorable housing conditions – with rats, cockroach, mold and mushrooms plaguing their dorm rooms.

More than 100 students at the historically black college in Washington D.C. have been staging a two-week protest over their living conditions after accusing university administrators of ignoring their complaints.

The students have pitched tents on school grounds and have been sleeping en-masse in the school’s main student center, Blackburn University Center, as the protest continues.

They have been posting photos on social media under the hashtag #Blackburntakeover of the alleged conditions in their dorms, including mushrooms blooming under the sink, mold spreading on their clothes and belongings, and flooded pipes.

Current and former students have also chronicled what they claim are rat and mice infestations in their rooms.

Students sleeping inside the university center.
Students have been sleeping in the school’s Blackburn University Center,
Tents on campus.
Students have also resorted to sleeping in tents on campus.

Undergraduate on-campus housing fees at Howard are about $9,300 per year, according to the college.

Howard University did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment about the living conditions.

Students are demanding the university address the housing woes amid their claims the school makes it difficult for them to access resources, including housing and financial aid.  

Some students claim they been threatened with disciplinary action over the protests.

Howard President Wayne Frederick and members of the administration met with students leaders from the protest last week to hear their demands, according to university spokesperson.

“We have discussed the proposed list of demands and have opened a dialogue that will continue to address their concerns,” the spokesperson said in a Twitter statement.

Mold on bed.
Students have documented mold growing on their belongings.
Mold on shoe.
Mold covers a student’s sneaker.
A student documents a hole in their dorm room ceiling.

“The administration’s goal has always been to listen to the concerns of our students and find a path forward. While we may not always agree, we remain open to dialogue and solutions.”

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