HP Printer is Offline its Casus and Universal Solution Available

HP Printer is Offline its Casus and Universal Solution Available
HP Printer is Offline its Casus and Universal Solution Available

HP is Printer is offline what causes this problem? 

Before starting to learn about Why HP Printer Going Offline you must know why this problem arises and what will be the solution to resolve online.

  • Right-click on the HP printer and see what is printing. To display on the printer spooler window. 
  • Please click on the HP printer, now click on the option use printer offline, and now click on the checkbox. 
  • This will allow you to get the printer online from offline mode. 
  • If the printer option is grayed out please use the below steps to bring the printer back online. 
  • The default printer driver has got changed. 
  • Please ensure the correct port is selected. 
  • Please turn the HP printer off and on. 
  • Then make sure it is in a ready state. 
  • Search window for devices, then click devices and printers in the list. 
  • Please find the printer you originally installed. 
  • Please check with the icon with a green checkmark that is displayed. 
  • Please choose the right icon, now select the default printer as the HP printer.
  • If the icon of the HP printer is grey in color then choose the HP printer as the default printer.  
  • Please click on continue to move ahead. 
  • Please note once you remove the checkmark from the use printer offline, the printer will get back online. 
  • Now please try and give a print command to print the file from the printer to test whether or not the HP printer is an offline issue is resolved or not. 
  • If the printing job was given to the HP printer successfully prints then the HP printer is back online again if not then you can follow the same steps once the printer goes offline once again. 
  • Search Windows for devices, now select devices and printers, the list of devices and printers list opens. 
  • Please right-click the HP printer option, now select the printer properties, the printer properties window opens. 
  • Please click the port tab, then find the name of your printer tab, in the printers column, please check if the printer uses a USB connection, make sure the port name and description includes, USB or DOT 4 for the printer uses a network connection, Make sure the printer uses a network connection, make sure the port name or description includes, WSD. 
  • Please select the correct port type, if the port type does not match the current port type of the HP Printer does not match the connection the printer will not connect to the server and print.
  • In case you are unable to work out these solutions, then please reset the firmware of the printer this will assist the user to get the HP printer back online from offline mode. 

Causes for HP printer to Go offline?   

The causes why an HP printer offline are given below. 

  • The used printer offline mode is selected this shows the HP printer is offline even when the wifi network has complete signals. 
  • The printer goes offline due to the old version of the printer driver being used. 
  • The print jobs given to the HP printer in excess amount are faulty in nature, these print jobs cause the printer to go offline. 
  • The power chord of the HP printer causes the printer to go offline if the power supply provided to the printer is inadequate in nature. 
  • If the HP printer is left in an idle state it shows offline even when it is connected. 
  • If the HP printer has a mismatch of the printing paper that is being used this will cause a paper jam the paper jam causes the HP printer to go offline. 
  • The HP printer head needs cleaning, this also is a big cause for the HP printer to go offline. 
  • HP printer may have an issue of dried up ink cartridges because the cartridges are not used effectively, they dried up due to less use of the HP printer. 
  • HP printer goes offline if the IP address of the printer is a mismatch or gets changed on its own. 

Solution for Getting HP printer back online from offline:

  • Remove the checkmark from the use printer offline mode to resolve the issue. 
  • Please check the network connection so that wifi signals are accurate. 
  • The printer driver for HP printer needs to be updated so that the HP printer does not go offline. 
  • If too many printer jobs are getting stuck in the HP printer, please cancel the print job with the following navigation. Open the printer queue- if printer icon displays in the notification area, click the icon to open the print queue- click the print job you want to cancel, then click on cancel. 
  • Ensure the power chord of the printer is connected to the power source in an accurate manner. 
  • Detach the cartridge, and run the automatic cleaning process, for cleaning the printer head or the user can manually clean the print head with a cloth. Once the printer head is clean your HP printer will restore the offline to online mode. 
  • Ensure the printer paper used for printing is loaded in the correct printer tray, so that the offline mode of the HP printer can be changed to online mode. 
  • Please shake the cartridges well, now securely remove the tape from the cartridge and install the cartridge, to check whether the HP printer cartridge is reinstalled well. You need to restart the printer and recalibrate the HP ink printer cartridge once again. 
  • Please cross-check the IP address of the HP printer pairs up with your laptop and desktop well so that the HP printer successfully carries out your print job well.

HP printer offline in Windows 10, How to fix this issue? 

Windows 10 is one of the crucial operating systems, which are used wisely,   

  • Go to the control panel on your computer
  • Click on the devices and printer option. 
  • Click on the manage printer option. 
  • Click on the printer model
  • Click on the option to see what’s printing. 
  • Click on the printer and select use printer offline, please remove the checkmark.
  • These are a few basic steps to use HP printer in an online mode in windows 10 when it goes offline. 
  • Click on Windows 10 option, start button, then click on the device manager option, a menu will appear post you click this option. 
  • On the Device Manager Screen, first please click on the action tab, in the top menu, then click the device and printer option in the drop-down menu. 
  • On the device and printer screen right click on the offline printer, also click on see what’s printing, option in the contextual menu. 
  • On the next screen use the offline printer option, in order to remove the tick mark on this step, please wait and allow the printer to come online, post this checkmark is removed. 
  • Once the printer is online once again, it will print whatever is available in the printer queue. 
  • If the option of printer coming back online is greyed out or comes online briefly then goes back offline again, this indicates that it is time to troubleshoot the HP printer not printing in windows 10 issue once again. 
  • If none of the steps work for the HP printer goes offline in windows 10, you can troubleshoot the problem once again. 
  • Click the windows start button, then press the settings icon.
  • On the settings, tab clicks the devices option. 
  • On the next screen click the troubleshoot option in the side menu and then click on the printer option.
  • In the expander printer option, click on the Run Troubleshooter Option. 
  • Allow the windows troubleshooter to get online and it will come up with suggestions to fix the HP printer goes offline in windows 10 issue. 
  • The common suggestion to fix the above problem is either set the HP printer as a default printer or you can update the driver of the printer. 
  • To enable this option click on an apply fix and please follow the next set of instructions. 

HP printer is offline in Mac, How to fix this issue? 

  • First of all check the connection between printer and Mac
  • Reset the HP printer for Mac device, once you reset the printer, the resetting power resets the stored values. 
  • Remove multiple printers from the printer list. 
  • Delete the existing printer queue and add the printer again. 
  • Reset the printer system. 
  • Turn the HP printer and mac computer on. 
  • Install HP driver using Apple software update. 
  • Create a print queue on Mac device. 
  • The appropriate window opens. 
  • Give the print command from Mac to the HP printer. 

This solve HP printer offline for Mac device. 

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