Hungary’s Viktor Orban has idea to end Russia-Ukraine war

Hungary's Viktor Orban has idea to end Russia-Ukraine war

Viktor Orban, Hungary’s populist prime minister, called for “a new strategy” to end the war in Ukraine Saturday — saying that only direct negotiations between Russia and the US can bring peace.

“As Russia wants security guarantees, this war can be ended only with peace talks between Russia and America,” Orban said during a wide-ranging speech.

On the 150th day of fighting in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s Feb. 24 invasion, Orban argued that a Ukrainian military victory is impossible, “quite simply because the Russian army has asymmetrical dominance.”

Western sanctions failed to contain Russian aggression, he said — and worse, touched off a surge in energy prices that has Europe on the brink of recession and caused several of the continent’s governments, including Italy and the UK, to collapse “like dominoes.”

“We are sitting in a car that has a puncture in all four tires,” Orban said. “It is absolutely clear that the war cannot be won in this way.”

The war in Ukraine has been going on for months.
The war in Ukraine has been going on since February 24.
REUTERS/Marko Djurica

The leader reiterated that Hungary – a NATO member – would stay out of the war.

Orban, whose landlocked country gets more than 60% of its oil from Russia, has blocked European Union sanctions that would halt all sales of Russian energy to Europe.

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