Hunter Biden likely to score ‘generous’ plea deal: ex-prosecutor

Hunter Biden likely to score 'generous' plea deal: ex-prosecutor

Reports that federal prosecutors are on the verge of wrapping up the Hunter Biden investigation suggest that a “generous” plea deal for the first son is in the works, a former Justice Department official said Thursday.

Lawyer Jim Trusty and other legal experts also discounted the notion that officials may be concerned about bringing charges because of the looming midterm elections, in which Democratic control of the House and Senate are both at stake.

Fox News and CNN reported Wednesday that the Delaware grand jury probe of Hunter Biden was at or near a “critical” stage, with sources telling CNN that officials recently discussed potential tax charges and a potential charge for making a false statement in connection with a handgun purchase.

Previous reports have said the investigation also involved suspicions of money laundering and violations of federal lobbying laws tied to Hunter Biden’s controversial overseas business dealings.

This coms as midterm elections approach.
Hunter Biden is likely to get a plea deal with federal prosecutors.
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“From the reporting that I have read, it seems more like a generous guilty plea is on the horizon, not some sort of sweeping indictment,” said Trusty, a former chief of the DOJ’s Organized Crime Section.

“It does not take four years to put together a dinky gun case or many of the cases deemed ‘tax cases.”

He added: “We’re not hearing the word ‘conspiracy’ and we are hearing and seeing an awful lot of drug addiction vignettes, so I think the ‘critical phase’ could be more about reaching a plea agreement designed to end the entire inquiry rather than seeing a fully investigated “pay-to-play” scheme.”

His case has lingered on for over four years.
Trust believes that there will not be a “grand indictment” of Biden.
He has been under federal investigation since 2018.
There may be potential tax charges and a potential charge for making a false statement in connection with a handgun purchase for Biden.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said he was concerned “that key witnesses, including President Biden, have not been called” to testify before the grand jury.

“It is not clear how the prosecutors would eliminate conspiracy charges or a wider array of wrongdoing without speaking to such key players,” he said.

Trusty, Turley and former Detroit US Attorney Barbara McQuade all said they didn’t believe the November elections would be a factor in any decision to seek Hunter Biden’s indictment, as suggested by CNN, which cited unnamed current and former DOJ officials.

“I do not think DOJ would hesitate to file charges against Hunter Biden if the evidence were sufficient just because of the upcoming midterm elections,” said McQuade, legal analyst for NBC News and MSNBC.

“He is not on the ballot. Even his father is not on the ballot. There would be no reason to refrain from filing charges other than an absence of evidence.”

Neither the DOJ nor Hunter Biden’s lawyers immediately returned requests for comment.

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