immigration, budget, and Hunter Biden

immigration, budget, and Hunter Biden

With 22 House races still up for grabs as of Saturday, the Republicans remain seven seats away from wresting control of Congress’s lower chamber away from Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party.

If they manage it, the GOP will have the power to hamstring President Biden’s legislative agenda for the next two years, tamp down his spending, and investigate his administration, the Biden family, and even the chief executive himself.

“Now we have to deliver,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), pointing to the party’s “Commitment to America” election platform that promised to expand domestic energy production, repeal the 87,000-agent expansion of the IRS, and probe Biden’s Justice Department and the origins of COVID-19.

Immigration and border security — which this week’s Golden/TIPP poll cited as the main concern of 38% of those surveyed, including 21% of Democrats — will likely be at the top of the Republican to-do list if they nail down the win.

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York
“Now we have to deliver,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), anticipating a Republican victory in the House of Representatives.

“You have to appease the base while looking toward the country as a whole,” said GOP strategist Ryan Girdusky. “In any Republican budget bill, more money for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and funding for a border barrier has to be in there. That has to be non-negotiable.”

With the path to their likely razor-thin majority paved by shock wins on Long Island and the Hudson Valley, analysts warn, conservatives will have to cross off the more extravagant items on their congressional wish lists — like the notion of impeaching Biden over his disastrous Afghanistan pull-out.

The US Capitol in Washington DC.
The GOP anticipates a paper-thin majority in Congress.
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“This delegation is going to be much more moderate than most base Republicans will like,” Girdusky said.

“We picked up seats in New York, in New Jersey, and potentially in California,” Girdusky said. “This is not going to be an ‘impeach Biden’ delegation — they’re just not going to go there.”

The moderate stance won’t extend to Hunter Biden, the president’s son, whose foreign dealings will come under intense scrutiny in the new House.

“The [Hunter Biden] probe is still on track with a Republican majority,” a GOP aide to the House Oversight Committee told The Post.

A view showing what republican voters believe the new GOP should tackle.
What Republican voters said the potential GOP House should focus on.
A poll showed the issues independent voters believe the new GOP should discuss.
A poll showed the issues independent voters believe the potential new GOP House should tackle.
A poll showing what the new GOP should focus on based on Democratic voters.
A poll of Dem voters showing what they think the GOP should focus on.

Expect the GOP to cast the committee’s investigation as a matter of national security — not as a politically potent blow against the sitting president of the opposing party.

“The Democrats aren’t capable of holding this administration accountable,” Wisconsin Rep. Glenn Grothman, an Oversight Committee member, said this week. “The relationships between Joe Biden and his son and China and Ukraine are important to look at right now because they may be affecting US policy towards those two countries.”

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