Is Cloud Computing in West Chester’s Future?


Is the Borough of West Chester headed into “cloud computing”? Well this is not an easy answer. But the answer is “kind of” and “possibly”. As the world economy continues to struggle and find it’s 21st century legs I believe step by step we could be headed there.

What is cloud computing you ask? Simply think of remote back services such as “Mozy” and “Carbonite”. This is very basic, but if you use these services as an example know that these tech companies simply back-up your files remotely. It you use email services such as Microsoft’s “Hotmail” or Google’s “gmail” your mail is stored off site. Basicly these are already in the cloud. So you can see, there is nothing out of the ordinary going on here. As opposed to having to pay for servers, software, licensing and yes, even energy some of your services are maintained by another vendor. That’s it. That’s cloud computing. The biggest question for every organization is what do you place in “the cloud” and what is maintained locally? The Borough of West Chester just like every other organization if starting to look at these issues.

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