Is Facebook on its way to building a search engine to rival Google?

Is Facebook on its way to building a search engine to rival Google_
Is Facebook on its way to building a search engine to rival Google_

Facebook has already earned quite a number of rivals by giving the most to its users and having the parallel social networking sites a run for their money. Now, the assumptions are that its rivalry with Google will enhance further. Facebook is all set to launch its own search engine. This directly hints at the fact that

Facebook is all set to eat up some more market share of Google.

What the reliable sources reveal is that it is not an assumption, but a reality. An insider’s comments are that Facebook has hired Lars Rasmussen, the former Google engineer to take care of the same.

Facebook search engine and its flaws as of now Facebook do have a search engine. But it still remains underutilized and least preferred by the users. There are several technical flaws in the same that deter users from voting for Facebook search engine.

The most primary drawback of the same is that it is highly disorganized and unskillfully handled. For instance, as a user types a name on the search bar, a hodgepodge of results occurs and numerous options like friend’s names, group names, and names of places occur, making the whole thing clumsy.


Methods incorporated to evolve a better search engine


It is now clear that Facebook search engines will give results never thought of before. Rasmussen is about to set up a team of as many as two dozen skilled and highly efficient engineers to improve the Facebook search engine experience.

The major goal of this technical team will be to organize the whole affair. According to them, the thumb rule for doing the same is to sort out all the data and enable the thumb-like buttons like ‘Like’ to generate more data.

Facebook’s take on this

Facebook, however, remarks that it does not have any intention to dodge Google in search engine experience. On the contrary, it comments that it is more inclined in giving the best of its social results to render its users the maximum satisfaction. It further states that this social network is already a pool of data and information that are beneficial for the users of different profiles and tastes.

They can get loads of relevant information with the click of a ‘like button. Similarly, the ‘dislike’ button is also there for helping the users stay concentrated with the data they are interested in only while secluding themselves from those they find irreverent for them.

Facebook’s excellence over Google search engine

Although Facebook comments that it is never a rival of Google, the benefits of the Facebook search engine experience will definitely give Google sleepless nights, as we presume. It will bring information directly into the search result. This is contrary to Google search engine operations where there is indexing the whole web with bots.

Google has recently tried to go the personalized way by merging search with social, such as fetching in information like friend connections into search results. Google+ is also a noteworthy attempt, but it still needs loads of dossiers and data to structure the social results skillfully. On the contrary, Facebook has volumes of data and is planning to bang on that while creating it’s own better and improved search engine.

The claims of Facebook appear quite lucrative for web users like us. But, the dependency of the majority on Google search engines cannot be overruled either. Now, time will tell how far Facebook search engine proves successful in giving better search engine experience.