Jared Dicus allegedly killed Anggy Diaz in Magnolia, Texas

Jared Dicus allegedly killed Anggy Diaz in Magnolia, Texas

Startling video footage shows a Texas man who had allegedly just decapitated his wife calmly stroll into the store where she worked, steal a beer and then chug it outside according to Houston’s Fox station.

Cops say Jared Dicus, 21, confessed to murdering Anggy Diaz — his wife of less than four months — shortly after cops attended the gruesome scene Wednesday.

Anggy Diaz’s mutilated body was discovered at the couple’s home near the town of Magnolia, northwest of Houston, with her head apart from the rest of the corpse, according to Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry.

In the video footage taken at the Chepes meat market where Anggy worked, Dicus’ car can be seen arriving around 11:40am. Wearing a T-shirt and jeans, he is captured on another video grabbing a beer from the fridge then casually strolling past the counter and out of the store, then taking a drink in the parking lot.

Investigators eventually found a knife, the presumed murder weapon, and Diaz’s missing head on the property.

A friend of the victim told The Post Diaz had confided her new husband was a jealous person.

The sheriff's office said Jared James Dicus was charged with murder after his wife Angry Diaz Dicus was found decapitated inside their Waller County home.
Law enforcement reported that Dicus confessed to murdering Anggy Diaz.

“He posted a video saying, ‘She is mine,’ to social media, and it was weird because no one was questioning that….it was out of no where,” said the pal, who asked not to be named.

Diaz and her friend had known each other for nearly four years. Diaz, a Nicaraguan migrant, had worked at the Hispanic store-restaurant and recently became a fitness coach.

Her friend, a former co-worker, last saw each other at a Christmas party less than a month ago — which Dicus abruptly stormed out of.

Video shows Jared Dicus stealing a beer.
Video shows Jared Dicus stealing a beer.

Surveillance video reportedly showing Jared Dicus stealing a beer from a local convenience store, after beheading and murdering his wife Anggy Diaz Dicus.
The 21-year-old took the beer out of the fridge and walked past the counter with it.


The suspect chugged the beer outside after allegedly stealing it.
The suspect chugged the beer outside after stealing it.


“Everyone was having a good time and he left looking really upset,” the pal revealed.

Diaz’s friend believes the newly-wed was dealing with domestic violence.

“She never said there were any problems; maybe she was just embarrassed to admit her relationship wasn’t perfect,” she added.

Cops had revealed yesterday the couple were known to them, with Guidry saying: “There have been prior calls, disturbance-wise, but nothing to this effect, to this level of violence” .

The duo married in October in a private ceremony — surprising friends and family members who were not invited, said the confidante.

“She told me they eventually wanted to have kids, but I told her to avoid getting pregnant so quickly,” the woman urged Diaz. “I told her to get to know him more and enjoy just being a couple.”

Now, the vicitm’s friends and family are raising funds for the 21-year-old’s funeral through a GoFundMe page. Diaz will likely be buried in the Houston area, where her mother and aunt live, her buddy said.

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