Java Alert Update


Here is another update on last week’s Java security alert. I want to keep this as simple as possible. Oracle’s Java has been and continues to be a security problem. This is probably the result of the very complex code of the application and how it interacts with the internet browser and other applications we run on our computer.

Another element that has probably contributed to this ongoing issue is the popularity of Java with website programmers and that Java itself has grown so complex that the developers of Java (Oracle) are even unsure of their own code and how it is interacting with all of the applications on our computers.

Oracle continues to try and play catch-up by continually releasing fixes which in turn we need to install. I am not sure where are of this is going to end up but this confusing mess is something that must be dealt with.

Important fact: If Java if used in stand alone programs there is no known security problems. The Java security issues are specifically in how it is interacting in your internet browser.

For now you have 3 options as I see it.

1. Completely uninstall Java from your PC.
2. Update Java and hope for the best.
3. Disable Java from running in your internet browser.
Which do I recommend? I suggest both 2 & 3. You can easily do this by opening the Control Panel and selecting the “Java” application.
1. To update Java select the “Update” tab and choose “Update Now”.
2. To disable “Java” from running in your internet browser select the hyperlink at the bottom of the first tab. If it is enabled simple uncheck the box, select “apply” and take a deep breath.  (images below)
Select this hyperlink if Java in enabled. Then Uncheck the Enable box & Apply.
I believe that these steps are important and critical. That is because the security issues surrounding Java are not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact there is word of yet another security alert just around the corner. I will stay on top of this story so stay tuned.