Jayne Carpenter hangs herself after amputations from sepsis

Jayne Carpenter hangs herself after amputations from sepsis

A former British nurse who lost both her legs and an arm after a cough turned into deadly sepsis four years ago has hanged herself, according to a report.

Jayne Carpenter, 53, from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, spent nine weeks in a hospital fighting for her life while in a coma, but lost four of her fingers on her right hand, her left arm below the elbow and both her legs.

She recently raised more than about $27,000 but said she was “enduring” life rather than enjoying it and killed herself, The Sun reported.

Jayne Carpenter
Carpenter developed sepsis after a cough she had was misdiagnosed as pneumonia.

Carpenter’s husband, Rob, 56, received a call from her asking him to pick up their dog in December 2020, but when he arrived at their home, he discovered her hanged, the outlet reported.

The heartbroken man described his late wife at the hearing as an “amazing” woman whose independence was “stripped overnight,” adding that “the brightest star in my sky has burnt out.”

In 2016, Jayne developed sepsis after seeking treatment for a cough but was diagnosed with pneumonia at a hospital, where she ended up spending two months in a coma.

Jayne Carpenter
After the amputations, Carpenter “put all her effort into regaining her life.”

Rob said that after her limbs were amputated, his wife “put all her effort into regaining her life” and became an awareness advocate for sepsis, a life-threatening complication of an infection, which can lead to tissue damage and organ failure.

In November 2019, he noticed “a sudden decline” in his wife’s mental health, leading her to consume more alcohol and overdosing twice.

Assistant Coroner Dr. Sarah-Jane Richards ruled that Jayne “died by self-ligature,” adding that her desire to live was “challenged” by “traumatic, life-changing events,” The Sun said.

Jayne and Rob Carpenter
Rob Carpenter described Jayne as an “amazing” woman.

In 2019, the quadruple amputee said: “Getting sepsis is something you never predict will happen to you. It turned my world upside down.”

She added: “I haven’t let it defeat me but I do get my dark moments.”

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