Joe Biden fumed over White House reminders of Donald Trump: book

Joe Biden fumed over White House reminders of Donald Trump: book

Joe Biden was a profile in pettiness when he took up residence in the White House, trying to rid the Oval Office of the famous Resolute Desk merely because Donald Trump used it — and cursing out his predecessor over a video game system, a forthcoming book claims.

In “The Fight of His Life,” out Jan. 17, author Chris Whipple writes that Biden “would let loose” on the “former guy” whenever he took a friend on a private tour of the presidential abode.

Biden unleashed his ire on an upstairs room where Trump had installed a big-screen TV and a golf simulator that allowed him to practice his swing to the virtual backdrop of famous courses.

Renovations to the Oval Office, including a new carpet, drapes, wallpaper and furniture, are seen, Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010, at the White House in Washington. The famous Resolute Desk remains.
Biden demanded the banishment of the Oval Office’s historic Resolute Desk — merely because Trump had used it.
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“‘What a f—king a–hole,’ Biden said, showing the contraption to a guest,” Whipple writes.

Biden also demanded the banishment of the Resolute Desk from the Oval Office — merely because Trump had used it.

The famous piece of furniture, made from the timbers of a British warship, gifted to the United States by Queen Victoria, and brought to the Oval Office by John F. Kennedy, was a West Wing staple for 40 years — but Biden wanted it removed in favor of one belonging to his New Deal hero, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

"The Fight of His Life"  cover.
“The Fight of His Life” details Biden’s time in office.

FDR’s desk “couldn’t be moved from the Roosevelt estate at Hyde Park, NY,” Whipple writes, so the Resolute Desk remained in place — for Biden, one more “ubiquitous” reminder of the 45th president.

The Post has obtained a copy of the book, which also reveals that Biden feared his Secret Service detail had been infiltrated by “MAGA sympathizers” loyal to Trump.

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