Joe Biden mocked for tweet taking credit for falling gas prices

Joe Biden mocked for tweet taking credit for falling gas prices

​President Biden was mocked online for touting falling gas prices — although they are still nearly twice as high as when he took office — in a tweet that contained a typo.

​”​For American families looking for a little more breathing room, these savings matter,”​ the president said in a post on Monday.

The tweet included a graphic showing that “At current prices, the average driver will spend $35 less per month for one peson [sic] or $70 less per month for a family with two cars than they would if gas prices stayed at their peak.”​

The average gallon of gas on Monday, according to AAA, was ​$4.35, nearly twice the $2.37 a gallon it was when Biden entered the White House in January 2021.

Gas prices hit their peak of $5.01 nationally, according to AAA, on June 14.

Some critics pointed out the hypocrisy of Biden taking credit for falling gas prices even as his administration blamed others, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, when they spiked, dubbing it the “Putin Price Hike.”

President Joe Biden, who has coronavirus disease (COVID-19) appears on a screen during a virtual meeting with his economic team at the White House in Washington, U.S., July 22, 2022.
President Biden lauded a slight decrease in gas prices.
REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz
President Joe Biden's tweet on gas prices.
“Peson” is misspelled on President Biden’s graphic highlighting falling gas prices.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) interpreted Biden’s tweet as Americans are still paying more at the pump. “In other words, Americans are paying over $100 more a month per ‘peson’ to fill up their gas tanks than when Biden took office,” Cassidy wrote on Twitter.

The Republican National Committee’s research arm pointed out the cost for American families continues to be too high.

“The nationwide average for gas is over $4.30 per gallon. It was $2.39 per gallon when Biden took office​,” it said. “In fact American families have already LOST $1,500 due to increased energy costs since Biden took office​.”

Nicole Russell, a contributing writer to the Washington Examiner, remarked on Biden taking credit now.

"I Did This," Joe Biden stickers on gas pumps at Shell Station, 3260 Broadway, NY, NY
President Biden previously blamed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for skyrocketing gas prices.
J.C. Rice

“​But I thought you had nothing to do with gas prices?​” she said on Twitter.​

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