Keep Your Web Browser From Crashing


Nothing kills productivity like that dreaded message from your web browser that it has encountered and “unexpected problem”. Or in many cases you simply can get stopped in your tracks by a web browser that simply will not respond.

There are many reasons why this can occur and here are four of the most common reasons and some advice that can help you prevent web browser disaster from striking.

1. Uninstall Java. We talked about this before and although there can be an argument for keeping it there is no arguing with the ongoing security risks Java has been responsible for. You can try going without it to see if you actually miss it.

2. Update Flash. yes – Flash must be updated constantly and it can be a pain when you are asked to do so several times a month. However if your Flash is updated your web surfing will go much more smoothly.

3. Get rid of toolbars. This drives me crazy. Many times when users ask me for help with their “slow web browsing” the first thing I find is several toolbars installed in their web browser. Get rid of them! Also be aware that many programs today will “ask you” if you want their toolbar when you install their application. Always say no! Be careful however – the default answer is almost always, “yes please install your toolbar”.

4. Update the browser. This could be the root cause of your problems. Keep your browser up-to-date and you will almost always be surfing the internet faster.