Kyle Rittenhouse’s gun to be destroyed at Wisconsin crime lab

Kyle Rittenhouse's gun to be destroyed at Wisconsin crime lab

The AR-15-style rifle that Kyle Rittenhouse used to shoot three people during a 2020 street protest will be destroyed by the state of Wisconsin and not returned.

The agreement, made between prosecutors, Rittenhouse, and Dominick Black–the man who purchased the rifle–was announced Friday morning in court.

“The Kenosha police department and joint services will destroy that firearm, as well as the magazine and the scope,” Assistant District Attorney Tom Binger told the court. “It will not be in anyone’s possession.”

“I discussed this with my client, and it meets his goals,” Mark Richards, Rittenhouse’s attorney, agreed.

Rittenhouse, who was not present at the hearing, had previously said through a spokesman that he wanted the rifle destroyed to prevent it from becoming a political symbol or trophy.

Kyle Rittenhouse pictured with his assault rifle on Aug. 25, 2020.
Kyle Rittenhouse agreed that his assault rifle — used on Aug. 25, 2020 — should be destroyed.
The Journal Times via AP

The weapon will be destroyed at a state crime lab, Binger said, likely in late April, and video of the destruction will be presented to the defense.

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