LA man Angel Demarcos dead after shocking road rage incident

LA man Angel Demarcos dead after shocking road rage incident

A 23-year-old man died after being thrown from the hood of a car during a shocking road rage confrontation in Los Angeles that began as a minor fender-bender.

Angel Demarcos was driving his Dodge Challenger with his girlfriend in the passenger seat Thursday when they were side-swiped by a Kia Optima. Demarcos then signaled the vehicle to pull over, NBC4 reported.

Demarcos got out of his car, apparently to exchange information with the other driver — when she drove right into him, witnesses told the outlet. 

She then sped off with Demarcos staying on the hood of her car for about half a block before he was thrown to the ground, witness Lulu Faust said.

Angel Demarcos was killed after he was thrown from the hood of a car that side-swiped the vehicle he was in.

“It was brutal,” Faust told NBC4. “She actually stopped, and he got out of the car, but as soon as he was in front she started driving and he jumped on her car. She drove off with him on the car.”

“She started driving really fast, and then went around the corner. He fell off as she was turning.”

The Los Angeles Police Department told NBC4 that Demarcos’ girlfriend has provided video footage that shows the woman’s Kia.

Police are at the scene of a 23-year-old man who was killed after a road rage incident.

“We don’t ask people to stop and apprehend people because something could happen,” LAPD Detective Juan Campos to NBC4. “Something did happen, and it cost a man’s life. 

“I don’t know what’s her side of the story, why she didn’t stop. She may have a justifiable reason, but I need her side of the story.” 

No arrests were reported early Friday.

The LAPD has been provided by Demarcos’ girlfriend with video footage of the fatal road rage incident.

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