Las Vegas hustler allegedly stole $230K watch from ‘John’

Las Vegas hustler allegedly stole $230K watch from 'John'

A Las Vegas trickster stands accused of swindling a would-be ‘John’ out of his $230,000 luxury Swiss watch, according to police.

The alleged victim told cops he took Priscilla Cueva, 34, and her friend to his room and talked about having “intimate relations” with them.

Although the victim “was adamant that no money was exchanged” for sex acts, he decided to take a shower at some point and placed his pricey Audemars Pigeut Swiss timepiece in his luggage.

The victim also said he and the women drank alcohol inside the hotel room, according to Fox5Vegas.

Cueva and the other woman then allegedly told the victim they were going to get ice but never returned, the man told Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

The victim said he went to bed and woke up the next morning only to find his $230,000 watch missing.

A picture of a gold Audemars Piguet watch
An Audemars Piguet watch in the same price range as the one allegedly stolen by Priscilla Cueva.
Audemars Piguet Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

The incident took place on Sept. 18, and he reported it to the police straight away.

Hotel-casino security and police identified Cueva from hotel video footage because she was warned previously about trespassing on the property. She was arrested on Dec. 22 over the crime, but the circumstances of her arrest have not been made public.

Cueva was charged with felony grand larceny with a value over $100,000 or more and gross misdemeanor conspiracy to commit grand larceny, according to court records reviewed by The Post.

picture of the Vegas trip with the hotels lit up and cars rushing by
Cueva was identified via hotel video footage because she was warned previously about trespassing on the property – which is located on the Las Vegas strip.
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She was released the next day under the condition that she “stay out of trouble,” according to court records as prosecutors asked the court for additional time to investigate and file a formal criminal complaint.

Cueva’s next scheduled court appearance on the grand larceny case is scheduled for April 24.

However, she was arrested again on Christmas Day for trespassing at the Aria Resort and Casino hotel property and loitering for the purpose of procuring/prostitution, according to court records.

Cueva was again released that day and is scheduled to return to court on the prostitution and trespassing case on Feb. 21.

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