Lily hammer Shows Us the Future of TV

It’s the middle of the Thanksgiving weekend and so the tech news is light. However catching up on the Netflix exclusive series, Lilyhammer I was thinking about the future of TV and how The E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt is leading the way.

Although the Netflix series House of Cards is the series that generates most of the future-of-TV talk it is actually Lilyhammer that started it all. It preceded House of Cards as the first original series from Netflix to offer a full season all at once and be accessible 24/7 for streaming.

Lilyhammer premiered in January of 2012 while House of Cards first aired 13 months later in February 2013.

If you are unfamiliar with the series, the viewer goes on a journey with Tagliano, a New York mob boss, which begins when his beloved dog, Lily, is killed during an attempt on his life by a rival mobster.

In vengeance, Tagliano tells the FBI everything he knows about his rival in the hope of putting him in prison for life.

When asked by the feds where he would like to live in the witness protection program, he shocks them by choosing Lillehammer, Norway. He pronounces it Lilyhammer, which explains the title —which is also a nod to his deceased pet.


Sound heavy? Don’t worry. Lilyhammer doesn’t play that way. In fact, the series sometimes goes too light and broad in its mix of comedy and drama. But that’s OK because it works as this really plays like The Sopranos on another strange parallel world.

As you would probably expect Van Zandt also supervises all of the music on Lilyhammer, which is why you see fabulous guest appearances and performances by the likes of rock legend Gary “U.S.” Bonds, whose 1961 version of “Quarter to Three” was an E Street Band staple on tours in the 1970s. I haven’t seen it yet by the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen apparently makes an appearance in Season 3.

Part of the TV future is the synchronicity presented here between ideology and the technology and it’s marketing that drives Netflix. Netflix is thinking globally with a series Lilyhammer which is seen in 50 countries.

Lilyhammer is set in Norway and is produced by a Norwegian cast and crew. But it stars an American actor playing an American-born and bred character whose values often clash with those of Norway.

No matter what country you are in, there are so many different languages spoken among the characters that you can’t view the series without subtitles and you must pay attention. Multitasking while watching this series simply won’t work.

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