Lindsey Barr axed from teaching job over LGBTQ book objection: lawsuit

Lindsey Barr axed from teaching job over LGBTQ book objection: lawsuit

A Georgia mother is suing her children’s school district after she said she was fired from her substitute teaching job after claiming a book, accessible in the elementary school, violated her religious beliefs. 

Lindsey Barr, who was a substitute teacher in the Bryan County School District, and her attorney Tyson Langhofer joined “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the lawsuit and why they see the move as a breach of her First Amendment rights. 

“No teachers should ever be fired for expressing genuine concerns about what is happening in their children’s schools, especially when your children are six years old,” Barr told co-host Todd Piro. “This is not tolerant, and it is not fair.”

Barr said she spoke with the principal of the school regarding a book titled, “All Are Welcome,” which features illustrations of same-sex couples. 

She said shortly after speaking with the principal over her concerns, she was unable to access her substitute teaching account. 

Cover of the book "All Are Welcome."
Lindsey Barr said the book “All Are Welcome,” which features illustrations of same-sex couples, goes against her religious beliefs.

Langhofer sent a letter to the school in response saying, “The firing is intended to send a message to Mrs. Barr and others in the community that if they criticize the school’s approach to sensitive political topics or express viewpoints contrary to the school’s preferred viewpoints, they will face the consequences.”

“There are millions of people that agree with Lindsay’s position on this topic and the school’s telling them you’re not welcome in public schools, and that’s wrong,” Langhofer said. 

“That’s contrary to the First Amendment, but it’s also contrary to the goal of public schools, which is to inculcate… these shared values of pluralistic worldviews that we’re trying to inculcate in our children,” he continued. 

Picture of McAllister Elementary.
Lindsey Barr worked in the Bryan County School District before being fired.
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Barr said, although her children have not been retaliated against yet, she fears they will be in the future. 

“My children will be passed up for opportunities,” Barr said. “This is a county where you have to apply for your children to do most anything, even a field trip, and I think that this is a good way that they will quietly retaliate against our family for making noise.”

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