Lunden Alexis Roberts seeks ‘politically powerful’ name for daughter fathered by Hunter Biden

Lunden Alexis Roberts seeks 'politically powerful' name for daughter fathered by Hunter Biden

The mother of Hunter Biden’s love child has asked an Arkansas court to legally change the 4-year-old girl’s last name to Biden so the child can benefit from the family’s presidential lineage.

Lunden Roberts, 31, filed four motions Tuesday in connection with the paternity case against Hunter, which was reopened in September when the first son asked the court to lower his child support payments.

Attorney Clinton Lancaster told an Independence County court that Navy Joan Roberts would “benefit from carrying the Biden family name,” which he said was “now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful.”

The filings, which The Post has seen, were originally reported by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

A picture of Hunter Biden.
Roberts’ lawyer said Hunter’s biological daughter Navy, 4, would benefit from carrying the Biden family name.

Neither Hunter, the first son and lobbyist-turned-painter, nor the child’s grandfather, President Biden, have ever met young Navy, according to her mother. This week’s filings said the first family remained “estranged from the child.”

“To the extent this [estrangement] is misconduct or neglect, it can be rectified by changing her last name to Biden so that she may undeniably be known to the world as the child of the defendant and member of the prestigious Biden family,” Lancaster wrote.

The filing came after Hunter Biden, 52, told the courts he had undergone a “substantial material change” in his “financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income.”

The first son — who shares three adult daughters with ex-wife Kathleen Buhle and a 2-year-old son with second wife Melissa Cohen Bidensettled with Roberts in 2020 after a DNA test confirmed he had fathered Navy.

Roberts was also on the payroll at Hunter’s consulting firm while pregnant with their daughter, according to text messages reviewed by The Post last year.

Lancaster also implored the court Tuesday to deny Hunter’s request for lowered child support due to a “long, and lengthy, history of attempting to avoid discovery by filing endless and recurrent motions for protective orders.”

The attorney also alleged the first son is “attempting to stifle discovery into his financial affairs while simultaneously reducing his child support obligation on the claim that he now earns less income.”

Hunter had refused Roberts’ request to turn over a list of his homes and cars over the past decade as the single mother sought to show the court his “well-established history of a lavish lifestyle,” court records alleged.

Instead, the first son sought an order of protection against the former exotic dancer, which Lancaster asked the courts to toss because he claimed it was filed incorrectly.

“Mr. Biden cannot pick and choose which documents he will disclose — to do so is to limit the plaintiff to the blind faith of what the defendant said he made as income,” he wrote.

Roberts’ lawyer also asked for information about the federal government’s ongoing tax fraud investigation into Hunter, which has been underway since 2018. Roberts herself reportedly testified before the feds in connection with the probe this spring.

“Mr. Hunter Biden has been the subject of federal investigations and there are allegations that he failed to disclose all his income prior to this court’s last order regarding child support,” the motion read.

Roberts also asked the court for information about any financial benefits Hunter receives from his father’s presidency and information about Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, who The Post reported this spring loaned Hunter $2 million to pay off his debt to Uncle Sam.

Hunter had initially denied that he was Navy’s biological dad, saying he had “no recollection” of meeting her mother despite the fact that she danced at a DC strip club he frequented while dating his widowed sister-in-law Hallie.

“That’s how little connection I had with anyone. I was a mess, but a mess I’ve taken responsibility for,” he wrote of his drug-fueled sex “rampages” in his 2021 memoir “Beautiful Things.”

“The other women I’d been with during rampages since my divorce were hardly the dating type,” the book read. “We would satisfy our immediate needs and little else.”

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