Man accused of killing roommate’s emotional support ferrets

Man accused of killing roommate's emotional support ferrets

A Minnesota man was arrested after killing his roommate’s four emotional support ferrets last week because “they smell[ed] like s–t,” a report said.

Levi Arneberg, 27, is accused of fatally shooting the animals with a BB gun and dumping their remains in an alley outside his Duluth apartment, The Smoking Gun reported, citing a court complaint.

Arneberg allegedly admitted to killing the ferrets and told police that one of them was “laughing” at him before he shot it in the head.

“Dude, I killed the ferrets, give me a break,” he told cops, because “they smell like s–t,” according to the court documents.

Arneberg’s 57-year-old roommate told police that a night before the slayings the suspect had threatened to harm the pets.

Two of the ferrets who were killed.
Arneberg threatened to harm the animals the night before the ferrets were killed, his roommate told police.
Maurice Guski/Facebook
The ferrets in their cage.
Arneberg told police that one of the ferrets was laughing at him before Arneberg fatally shot it in the head.
Maurice Guski/Facebook

The two had also argued over Arneberg’s belief that his roommate was taking up too much space in the shared apartment, the complaint said.

Arneberg was charged with four counts of animal cruelty. He was held in St. Louis County jail on $20,000 bail.

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