Man tracks stolen suitcase using Apple AirTag

Man tracks stolen suitcase using Apple AirTag

Bad apple?

A suspected suitcase thief was nabbed at Atlanta airport after a traveler used Apple AirTags to locate his lost luggage — and found the alleged perp already wearing his shirt and jeans.

Craig Nelson was charged with theft after he allegedly snatched Jameel Reid’s silver suitcase from the baggage carousel at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport last month, police said.

Reid told WSB-TV on Tuesday that the ordeal unfolded when he landed on a flight from Los Angeles and was left waiting for his suitcase, which he says contained about $3,000 worth of items.

Jameel Reid
Reid said he noticed at baggage claim that his luggage was missing.

The stolen suitcase
Reid said his silver suitcase contained $3,000 worth of items when it was snatched.

“I’m going to baggage claim and all that … I’m trying to look for my luggage. I’m standing there for like 30 minutes or so. I’m not seeing it,” Reid said.

“Eventually, I pulled my phone out, so I have an Air Tag in my luggage.”

The traveler said the tracking device he had stored in his suitcase was showing that the bag had already left the airport, but he quickly alerted cops when he saw it was suddenly moving back in his direction.

Reid tracked the bag until it arrived back at the airport and then filmed himself confronting Nelson, who he described as homeless, over the alleged theft.

Craig Nelson before his arrest
Craig Nelson was charged with theft after the traveler — and cops — located him inside the airport with the stolen bag.

Apple AirTag
The traveler said he had stored an Apple AirTag in his suitcase.
Christopher Sadowski

“This silver one here, I have a tracking device in it and I tracked it to you. And you have my shirt on…that’s insane. My shirt and my jeans,” the traveler says in the video.

“This guy, so he stole my luggage. I had about $3,000 worth of stuff in here.”

He filmed Nelson lying on the floor of the airport before cops eventually cuffed him.

Nelson was subsequently charged with theft by taking, unlawful removal of baggage and criminal trespass.

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