Marine Trevor Reed recovering in Texas military hospital

Marine Trevor Reed recovering in Texas military hospital

The former Marine who was freed Wednesday from a Russian jail in a pioneer swap is back in the United States at a San Antonio Army medical facility — but he was unable to hug or touch his family because of health concerns, the Post has learned.

Trevor Reed’s long-awaited return to US soil happened shortly after midnight on Thursday when he landed at Joint Base San Antonio, where he is undergoing medical exams, said Rep. August Pfluger, who added that his parents believe their son might have tuberculosis and is malnourished.

“Due to the medical protocols, everybody had masks on for a variety of reasons,” said the congressman, who tweeted photos of Reed, who had been imprisoned since 2019.

“They were really limiting touch to make sure (Reed) was okay. All those things needed to be checked out before anyone had contact with him. He understood it, too. He’s been in the Russian prison system where who knows what had happened with medical care.”

Former U.S. Marine Trevor Reed
Former Marine Trevor Reed was freed from a Russian prison in a prisoner swap.
Rep. August Pfluger
Rep. August Pfluger said that Trevor Reed’s parents believe he might have tuberculosis.
Trevor Reed
Former US Marine Trevor Reed had been sentenced to nine years in prison in Russia for allegedly assaulting a Russian law enforcement officer, a charge he and his family denied.

Although Reed was not able to touch his family after arriving in the US, Pfluger said the reunion was both joyful and marked with concern for his well-being.

“You could see his eyes were teary. He was overwhelmed with emotion to be back in the United States and to be able to see his parents, his sister,” Pfluger said. “What an incredible moment to be there to watch him reunite with his family, to see the joy on their faces and the concern on their faces because of his health.”

President Biden made a deal with the Russians to secure Reed’s freedom, agreeing to release a Russian held by the US in a dramatic prisoner exchange Wednesday.

Trevor Reed's family
Trevor Reed was unable to touch or hug his family upon his return to the US.
Trevor Reed
Trevor Reed is expected to stay in San Antonio for several days if not weeks while he recuperates and is reacclimatized to society.
Trevor Reed and family
Despite being unable to hug each other Rep. August Pfluger said Trevor Reed’s reunion with his family was joyful.

Reed was taken into custody by the Russian in 2019 and sentenced to nine years in prison after the Russians accused the 28-year-old former Marine of assaulting a Russian law enforcement officer after a night of drinking — a charge Reed and his family always said was a lie.

Reed is expected to stay in San Antonio for at least a few more days, if not weeks, while he undergoes a US government program for captured, missing or isolated Americans returning from hostile environments called Post-isolation Support Activities, said Pfluger.

“The reintegration process includes the recovery of (an American) then subsequently returning them to society, their medical treatment, reintroduction to their families, and provides decompression time while also conserving any intelligence they may have been able to gather to aid in the prosecution of these criminal organizations,” the FBI said.

Reed’s family remains by his side in San Antonio. While it’s unknown when Reed might be able to return to his parent’s home, Pfluger said the community is waiting to celebrate him when the time is right.

“The [Granbury] community is just thrilled. I can only imagine just how special that homecoming will actually be. I don’t know what it’s going to look like and when it’s going to happen, but those details Im sure will come together as his situation allows,” the Congressman said.

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