Matt Walsh cancels college talk after threats post-Nashville shooting

Matt Walsh cancels college talk after threats post-Nashville shooting

A conservative pundit outspoken about his anti-transgender views canceled a Thursday college campus speech after threats to his family in the wake of a deadly Nashville, Tenn., school shooting.

Matt Walsh, who lives in Nashville with his wife and children, revealed Wednesday he was postponing the talk at Washington and Lee University in Virginia because of the “potential danger” at his home.

“Due to threats against my family and other serious security concerns in Nashville this week, I cannot leave my family and fly to another state. I hate to push the event off but my wife and kids come first,” the conservative commentator wrote in a Twitter thread.

Walsh — a columnist for the Daily Wire, which is based in Nashville — didn’t specify the nature of the threats.

“The threats to my family only make me more determined to fight this evil. I will not let any harm come to my children or my wife. And I will not let these psychopaths scare me into silence. Neither of those things will ever happen, I promise you,” he wrote.

The commentator was among those named in an NBC reporter’s since-deleted tweet that appeared to link Monday’s Covenant School shooting massacre to his and others’ anti-trans views.

Matt Walsh is pictured at a podium
Matt Walsh has canceled a Washington and Lee University campus speech due to threats made against his family in the wake of the Nashville school shooting.

Walsh's tweet about his canceling a talk at Washington and Lee University
Walsh tweeted he had gotten threats against his wife and children in the wake of the school shooting.

In the wake of the bloodbath it was revealed that shooter Audrey Hale, who gunned down three children and three adults, was transgender.

In online profiles, Hale had indicated they used he/him pronouns and also went by the name Aiden.

Walsh stressed the threats he was facing weren’t tied to Washington and Lee University — a liberal arts school in Lexington.

Audrey Hale id pictured
Audrey Hale gunned down three children and three adults at the Covenant School in Nashville on Monday.
Linkedin/Audrey Hale

Protestors are pictured
Walsh has been outspoken about his anti-trans views.

“The event was coming together well and everything was perfectly fine. May have been some protests planned but nothing major. The potential danger is at home, which is why I need to be at home,” Walsh said.

The campus talk had been arranged by student organization College Republicans, and was set to focus on Walsh’s recent documentary — “What Is a Woman?” — which delves into gender ideology and biological sex.

A petition recently started circulating at the college seeking to ban Walsh from visiting the campus, but it was shot down by the college’s president William Dudley, who citied the school’s commitment to freedom of expression.

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