Matthew Flores driving missing Lyft driver Gary Levin’s car

Matthew Flores driving missing Lyft driver Gary Levin's car

A fugitive alleged murderer was arrested in North Carolina Thursday after leading cops on a wild police chase in a car belonging to a missing Lyft driver from Florida, police said.

Beloved dad Gary Levin, 74, of Palm Beach Gardens, vanished Monday after picking up fares in his red Kia Stinger, his shaken daughter, Lindsay DiBetta, told The Post.

Matthew Scott Flores — who had a warrant out over an unrelated Florida murder — was busted driving Levin’s car after fleeing state troopers in North Carolina.

Law enforcement officials have yet to pin Levin’s disappearance on the convicted felon.

“We’re just waiting for answers,” DiBetta said. “We don’t know what this guy in custody is going to say. If he dropped my dad off somewhere then we have to go get him.”

Prior to Thursday’s arrest, cops said Levin’s Kia was last detected traveling in Gainesville — a several hour drive from his normal Lyft routes.

Missing Florida Lyft driver Gary Levin
Florida Lyft driver, Gary Levin has been missing since Monday.

Flores, 35, who was in the car with another man, sped through several North Carolina counties before pulling over and running, police said.

He was allegedly under the influence of drugs at the time of his arrest and was taken to a local hospital for treatment before being released.

He is being held without bond as the search for Levin continues.

Florida murder suspect Matthew Scott Flores
Murder suspect, Matthew Scott Flores was busted driving Levin’s car.

DiBetta, of New Jersey, said her father had dinner plans with his girlfriend on the night of his disappearance and never returned home.

Originally from Philadelphia, Levin retired several years ago and moved to Florida, she said.

“He loved being a Lyft driver,” she said. “It was fun for him. He had a new audience every time someone got in the car.”

DiBetta said her dad drove Lyft to keep himself busy during his Florida retirement and that he was was active in his community.

Matthew Flores being taken into custody.
Flores is taken into custody.

Flores was arrested driving Levin's car in North Carolina.
Flores was arrested driving Levin’s car in North Carolina.

Levin had another son in Miami as well as siblings living nearby.

“We’re just hoping for the best,” she said.

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